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Why Do We Delude Ourselves We Live in a Democracy and When Will we be Honest with Ourselves?

Why Do We Delude Ourselves We Live in a Democracy, and When Will we be Honest with Ourselves?

Truthbook Post By Jamie McIntyre

Why do we delude ourselves we live in a democracy and when will we be honest with ourselves ?

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Correct but that’s assuming politicians run the world .
The world isn’t run by politicians. The delusion that we have a western democracy is simply that. For there to be a democracy one must argue and win that Joe Biden is not only the most popular President in history, but writes and can deliver his own speeches and isn’t a puppet .
To suggest he is anything other then a puppet is clearly ludicrous. So who are the puppet masters who control the US ?
And the west via the US?

These select individuals and NGO’s have an agenda that isn’t in alignment with the greater good of humanity
Therefore it’s simple.
Expose these people, eliminate them from society,and destroy their support in the West by waking up dumbed down westerns that are so brain dead from consuming Western Propaganda since birth,they can barely function, or even determine the difference between a man or a women, let alone what’s right or wrong.

So let’s not be delusional like most and cut the BS. We know who they are ?

So when will a concerted effort be made to eliminate the enemy, this cult and woke virus from society,starting with cult leader ( a front puppet ) in Klaus Schwab, and WEF and Bill Gates and Soro’s and co.

Humanity can excel with these criminals in jail.
Otherwise we can play pretend democracies and argue over blue or red teams, and continue to be treated like mushrooms.
Kept in the dark and feed Bs.


#biden is a loser puppet #trump #unitedstates #wef is a cult and #who should be disbanded

Australian National Review
News media that has no time for Bs.….yre21/status/1677553

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