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Whingeing, Griping Factionalism Hobbles and Discredits the Freedom Movement

Whingeing, Griping Factionalism Hobbles and Discredits the Freedom Movement


“GURU” DAVE Graham certainly made his presence known at the Sydney No To The Voice rally last Saturday.

Guru Dave has made a name for himself as an outspoken voice in the Aussie freedom movement, but at Sydney on Saturday he and some of his supporters threw unity out the window and turned the rally into a spectacle of a protest within a protest.

Certain people need to think before lashing out and attacking their own side. In the case of the Sydney rally, a group of Guru supporters got offended when their guy was denied a place on the speaker’s platform.

Guru also started making accusations that September 23 was a World Wide Freedom Day Rally but had been stolen from “the people” by the politicians. Evidence of this apparently, was the $100,000 he claimed had been spent on the event.

The irony of it was that Guru himself said “okay” and accepted the news that he couldn’t speak, even though he had initially been invited. Craig Kelly, one of the organisers, then stepped into the fray an invited him up to speak anyway. Somehow things spiralled out of control when one of the security team, an ex-cop, and Guru clashed and police were called.

The general confusion was not helped at all when Bec Walker, one of his supporters, started a “let the people speak” chant on a megaphone. Walker later went on her social media channel and launched into a nasty diatribe, rubbishing the entire event as a sell-out to “a bunch of politicians”.

Guru’s loyal supporters didn’t help much either, shouting accusations against the organisers and one of the sponsors, TNT Radio, as if they were all part of some “conspiracy against the people”. As some wise sage once said “he who slings mud loses ground”.

In a later interview away from the crowd, Guru said he initially supported having “a couple of politicians” at the rally, presumably Craig Kelly and NSW Liberal Democrat John Ruddick MLC, who organised and fund-raised for the event. But when two more politicians, presumably former MP Ross Cameron and One Nation’s Tania Mihailuk MLC were added, this amounted to a great sellout, according to Guru.

Guru then explained how he got on the phone with Cameron, Ruddick and the Cossack who he accused of “trying to control me because I got the mouth”. There’s no doubt about the fact that Guru has “got the mouth”, but a bit of self-discipline and humility would have gone a long way too.

All of this internal fighting sparked by Guru and his supporters was caught on video by the Labor Party’s propaganda machine and posted on Twitter, and probably other social media as well, as part of an ongoing campaign to mock freedom fighters as “cookers”.

The fact of the matter is that the Yes campaign, despite their well-organised rallies and millions of dollars in funding from the corporate sector and celebrity support, are rattled by the width and breadth of the no-vote movement.

The are also rattled by and don’t know how to handle the fact that grassroots Aboriginal people are speaking against the Voice and appearing at the no-vote rallies, as they did in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.

The disruption of the Sydney rally was the very gift they were looking for and didn’t they love it. The fact that Cairns News has had to expose this debacle should not be mistaken as another sinister “conspiracy against the people” by “controlled opposition”. It’s merely pointing out the obvious and should be taken as a lesson for the entire freedom movement.

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