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WARNING!!! MEGA and Wasabi Can Screw You if, in Their Sole Opinion, They Think you MIGHT have Violated their AUP

WARNING!!! MEGA and Wasabi Can Screw You if, in Their Sole Opinion, They Think you MIGHT have Violated their AUP


These companies shoot first, and ask questions later. Wasabi inactivated my account with ZERO notice and MEGA removed all 1 TB of Kevin McKernan’s data with no chance of recovery.

Executive summary

Wasabi suspended my account with no notice and without even talking to me to hear my side of the story (I did not violate their terms of service). They inactivated my account on Friday Dec 1 at 6pm EST. They have NEVER reached out to me to get my side of the story and there is NO publicly available information on my site that violates anyone’s privacy or is a copy of anyone’s data. In my view, Wasabi should never be trusted to host anyone’s data. When I reached out to their CEO urging him to call me to hear my side of the story, he ignored me.

Kevin McKernan mirrored my data and MEGA deleted everything in his account. Everything. All the links to his research in his Substack are now BROKEN. All his data was permanently deleted and they wouldn’t give him a copy.

HE IS PISSED. He has a right to be pissed. NOTHING in the data he posted is owned by the NZMH. Nothing. Nothing.

Avoid MEGA unless you want to lose all your data even if you’ve done nothing wrong.


I now use IZT and was up and running in hours. I have a private dedicated server and use MinIO to replicate the S3 storage interface. They were super friendly and helpful. I cannot recommend them enough. They also follow me on Substack, so they are redpilled.


Kevin McKernan saw my post about Wasabi asking for a “bulletproof” hosting provider.

He and Ben Marten suggested Mega. Kevin also proactively decided to mirror my data. There is nothing wrong with that. The data is all my own data, derived from the NZMH data.

It turns out that was bad advice.

NOTE: I never asked Kevin to host my data. He made that decision himself and he published the link to X for everyone to see.

MEGA nuked Kevin’s entire 1 TB account without any warning whatsoever. Hundreds of thousands of dollars and years of Kevin’s work was all destroyed due to unfounded accusations from the NZ Ministry of Health.

MEGA refuses to give him access to his data. Kevin is LIVID. I would be too.


There is nothing illegal about the data posted to my server. Nothing.

But the law doesn’t matter to hosting providers such as Wasabi and MEGA. These firms will disable access to your data and/or destroy your data based on THEIR OPINION and they are not liable for the loss of your data.

Check this out:

MEGA judges Kevin to have made a GROSS violation. They never spoke to him. You are guilty if they think you are and MEGA does NOT want to hear your side of the story. NUKE first, no need to ask any questions.

Is Mega controlled by the NZ government?

I read an older article by Kim Dotcom about MEGA being covertly controlled by the NZ govt:


Avoid MEGA and Wasabi. They can terminate your account and refuse to give you access to your own data.

If you are using them, cancel your account now and move to a different provider.

Stick with a bulletproof hosting provider like IZT and many others. I have my own private server and use MinIO to provide S3 functionality. So I have the same functionality as Wasabi, but far better monitoring and performance.

IZT set it up for me in hours so I had to do no work. They were awesome.

There are many other providers who will do the same thing such as American Cloud whose CEO reached out to me after seeing what happened with Wasabi. I love that.

Please support businesses that do not give in to censorship and avoid those that do.

NZMH has no basis whatsoever in demanding that my data be taken down. They should publicly apologize for this and pay damages. They should be ashamed of themselves.

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