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US Lessons from History

US Lessons from History

Truthbook Post By Jamie McIntyre

While trying to induce a revolution in America, the French ended up inducing a revolution against themselves by going bankrupt with all of their Imperial adventures. We saw similar actions by the European powers as their colonial empires collapsed after World War II, and the interventions of the USSR in its waning years are well known, from Afghanistan to Angola.

There is a lesson there, in the necessity of restraint, of the limits of military force, and of the necessity of genuine diplomacy, IF American elites are willing to learn it. I doubt they will, however.

The current American political elite is beholden to too many interests and, regardless, has descended into gerontocracy, unable to conceptualize that their glory days are over. Their replacements in newer generations grew up in the Unipolar moment and thus have no psychological ability to understand that time has ended and thus lack the means to adapt accordingly.

This explains much of what we see nowadays around the World.

Australian National Review


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