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Understanding the TuckerCarlson Putin interview: A Quick Guide

Understanding the TuckerCarlson Putin interview: A Quick Guide

By Larry Alex Taunton

Understanding the Tucker Carlson – Putin interview: A Quick Guide.

Carlson was annoyed by Putin’s historical monologue. He shouldn’t have been.

They meant more than Carlson perceived – or that the Biden administration has ever understood.

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Here’s what others had to say:

Rebel Diva
I thought his short preamble wasn’t necessary. It painted an unneeded bias to the viewer going in. I felt the initial exchange was interesting. Reminded me of my grandfather explaining our Greek history to me, so I would understand where I came from. He laid out the structure in which to build depth. Fascinating to watch & listen to Putin. I can’t see Biden reading from a matchbook. What a dichotomy.

Larry Alex Taunton
I think Carlson was, after the fact, aware that he came off as dismissive on that portion of the interview and wanted to correct his view on the exchange.

Sorry, but @LarryTaunton. I found Tucker to be a bit too arrogant, almost flippant and I think you would have made a better candidate for this interview. Sorry, I hope your folks spare me the hate but that’s just my opinion.

Larry Alex Taunton
Thank you, but I think Carlson did a great job. It was an impossible task for him. He needed to appear tough. But he also needed to be fair. He was also on Putin’s turf, and that’s not nothing. No, I applaud TC.

Do you think the Russian mindset is similar to Poland and Hungary? My father was Polish and I sense a common Eastern European mindset with Putin. No nonsense. Direct. Deep thinking and sense of history.

Larry Alex Taunton
No, because Poland and Hungary were primarily influenced by the Latin (Catholic) Church while Russia was deeply influenced by the Greek Church. Two very different influences.

Great analysis..but the allegations that Putin is corrupt compared to the west seem increasingly weak.

Larry Alex Taunton
Weak? The man has arrested, imprisoned, and assassinated opposition.

People should consider the very real possibility (probability) that this interview had nothing to do with achieving any objectives in the West.
Putin is running for reelection, and he needs to ensure that the maximum number of Russians understand and agree with his reasoning
Americans don’t care about anything in that past but Russians have a 1000 years of civilization and history that matters very much to them.
When Putin was making a bid for the Olympics, he made his appeal to the West in English. He is perfectly capable of speaking English when he wants to pursuance the West.
He spoke in Russian for a reason.

Montgomery Granger
True, but in the prologue Tucker admits this to a degree. Russians are famously misunderstood by Americans in general because we are never taught about Russia other that they are the boogey man. In fact, their culture, art, science, music, military, etc., are just as profound and engaging, if not more so, than America’s.

Veronica Marquez
The story Putin told at the end about the Ukrainian soldiers refusing to surrender stating “Russians never surrender!” made me tear up.

Dick Ball
Knowing regional history is key. Journalists aren’t always the best at deeper researcher. A good source text: Paul Magocsi, A History of Ukraine. It’s well over 700 pages but a standard work on the region.

Putin was right about the US controlling media propaganda. We’ve been lied to about him wanting to expand his borders to the old Soviet Union by those enriching themselves off of this war. He was duped with the Minsk treaty. We pulled out of Afghanistan so we could focus on making elite scumbags rich selling bombs and bullets to Ukraine with money printed out of thin air that filters down to the dirty politicians like Dan Crenshaw and Lindsey Graham et al…… Half a million Ukrainian soldiers have been killed and I guarantee you no one in Washington gives a damn.

Eyes Wide Open
Interestingly, I have DNA tests that support the Veringian theory. I’m ethnically Scandinavian and have many ancient & modern DNA matches in Ukraine & Russia.

Kenneth 老百姓 Rapoza
That was a very Putinesque and even a very Russian interview. They long the long form. Probably most of Europe does. Tucker was talking to one of thte founding fathers of post-Soviet Russia. Itd be like an NYU literature student sitting down with Doestevsky (sp?) and asking, so how do I become a best selling novelist…


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