Truth Talks are apart of the TruthGroup which also owns the fast growing censor social media platform,

The TruthGroup, That’s Behind Free Speech Platforms Such as and and Independent News Network, Announces Major Growth Plans

The TruthGroup, That’s Behind Free Speech Platforms Such as and and Independent News Network, Announces Major Growth Plans

The TruthGroup, that’s behind free speech platforms such as and and Independent News Network, announces major growth plans to facilitate.

These include the white labeling of its free speech platforms such as, at low cost, to enable activists or not-for-profits in particular, or small businesses or individuals to have their own social media platforms, to grow their business or communities. They are also white labeling Independent New sites, and providing Independent News content as an aggregator, an AAP-like but for Independent news, to publishers and citizen journalists, who can now have their own professional Newsites automatically updated daily with new fresh independent news plus their own articles they wish to add. This will be underpinned by the cryptocurrency,, a growing cryptocurrency that was listed last July 2022, on the exchange after acquiring Bitcoin 2.0 project. It aims to become the dominant currency used throughout its free speech platform partners and Independent News Partners for advertising, subscriptions, and marketplaces.

Below is an update recently by

Some additional Truthcoin Initiatives to boost organic long-term demand for Truthcoin purchases.

1. Soon they will be releasing white label free speech platforms like, for users to have their own functioning free speech platform. Users can be individuals who may want a way to build a community of like-minded people, a business a way to communicate with employees or clients, and build their communities or organisations, including not-for-profits.
Truthcoin will be used to purchase the white labels and used also as a currency for such platforms for advertising, subscriptions, and its marketplaces.

2. With its Independent News Partners, citizen journalists can purchase white-label Independent News sites, that are pre-populated with daily independent news articles, plus additional ones the citizen journalists wish to add. Truthcoin will be utilised once again for advertising and subscription services and for purchasing such free speech platforms.

These initiatives, help fuel not just the growth of free speech on social media and independent news platforms, but will increase long-term organic demand for

Elon Musk’s massive $44 billion investment into Twitter to restore free speech, which has grown substantially even since the past censorship has been stopped, is leading the way in reestablishing free speech on social media platforms and being a source of credible news

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