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The Only Way “The Voice” Will Unite Australia is Equally F… All Australians Over Including the Indigenous

The Only Way “The Voice” Will Unite Australia is Equally F… All Australians Over, Including the Indigenous

By Twitter Post By Jamie McIntyre

The only way the “Voice” will unite Australia is equally f… all Australians, including the Indigenous. We stand United, bent over if we say “Yes”.

#australia #voiceno

Here’s what others had to say:

Greg Maybury
Jamie, The Government Myth: “The Voice to Parliament is about recognising the oldest continuous living culture on Earth in our Constitution.”
The Critical Thinking Person’s Reality: “The Voice to Parliament has about as much relevance to the betterment of our indigenous fellows as the💉has to do with protecting and preserving our public health. Yet they keep flogging a dead Trojan.

W₳$$im D₳₿₿oussi
Can someone explain the voice to me in simple terms please?

Common Sense Extremists
Revolution is most definitely coming. We’ve been saying this for two years.
When they rig the vote, stack the courts, compromise & mute the opposition, own the institutions & media & bribe police & military – they leave us no alternative.
It then becomes our duty.
Who is in?

I say it’s time to revisit Canberra ! A big NO vote March ! There would be alot that didn’t March for freedom but they sure as heck get the gist with this voice crap !

Anthony mundine supporting the no vote? well theres a win for the yes side

Hell yeah i could definately get behind a revolution. Where do we start?

All the peoples over the world must fight these eugenics ! The French support you !

Madison Fitzgerald
Thank you @jamiemcintyre21 for fighting for us from across the globe – patriotism and stopping the global elite agenda is a uniting bond

Surpluss king
You know that’s bullshit right? It’s either commonwealth land or native title lands.. and who are these “globalist elites” the United Nations? The WEF? Oh King Charles is fond of both? Our head of state.. @jamiemcintyre21 stop peddling bullshit. BRICS not AUKUS Screw the empire.

Wouldn’t it be nice if for once the aboriginals knew that we are all getting fd over? And we all came together and got rid of the corporation that is enslaving us all? #hope #VoteNoAustralia

Kym Ponting
Shut the uni’s their the extremist teachings its all Terrorism attacks of every kind. All citizens MUST RISE to Defend AU, to Parliament WALK IN ARREST all involved.
33yrs AU fried even now full on frequencies in Victoria Eastern subs & more Perm Federal Moratoriums breaches Tech.

Kym Ponting
Did you see why AU locked up for UNI terrorist mad Science experiments in SA,VIC MELB UNI,creating dark matter, exodus enemies invasions, raping Tassie world heritage, the fire Association orders fires per project (Terrorists attacks & local councils poaching teams-death penalty)

Kym Ponting
Jamie it want be a revolution all Australians have to do it apply our Est Fed Constitution our Security Law=All RISE arrest’em. Did you see these foreign Terrorist Maylasian Espionage AEC contract fraud electoral sys to block all voices, they just want anyone to vote person.


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