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The GREAT Turning: These 17 Signs Point to the End of 2,000 Years of Human History

The GREAT Turning: These 17 Signs Point to the End of 2,000 Years of Human History

By Health Ranger Report

0:00 Intro

6:06 The End of Days

7:46 Dollar Collapse

15:14 Real Estate Bubble

17:53 Global Population Bubble

23:28 Western Europe

30:22 War in Ukraine

34:05 Western Cities

43:35 Speech Control

56:50 Cheap Materialism

1:00:45 Western Medicine

1:06:44 Banking System

1:13:05 End of Cash

1:16:56 Food

1:19:54 Energy

1:21:55 Global Debt

1:24:28 Woke Cult

1:27:20 Demonic Infestation

1:39:46 Other News

– Far beyond just “seasons” of human cycles, we are approaching the end of a MEGA-cycle

– Many of the things coming to an end are EVIL, and their demise will be positive for humanity

– There will be intense CHAOS, however, as the pillars of evil are dismantled across our world

– As the #dollar crashes and is abandoned by the world’s nations, there will be economic chaos in the USA

– Those who still hold dollars in the fiat #currency banks will lose nearly everything

– U.S. cities will collapse into lawless zones of violence, addiction and human #trafficking

– Governments will lose control over speech as technology moves from Web 2.0 to 3.0 (P2P decentralized)

– The rise of #cryptocurrency (P2P decentralized money) will see governments lose their financial monopolies

– Small and mid-sized banks will be destroyed by design as governments consolidate power for CBDCs

– The era of cheap consumer goods and global supply chain logistics is coming to an end

– The US military will FAIL in #Ukraine, and the USA will be seen as a failed, bankrupt state

– The WOKE transgender cult will be rejected and ridiculed for its stupidity, insanity and #violence against children

– The demonic infestation of planet Earth will be ended, and its human representatives will be eternally destroyed

Here’s what others had to say:

Dinah Power
The doctor bashing has become particularly tiresome.
I did my medical training in the 1970’s. We were well educated. We knew all tissues could regenerate themselves. At that time the ONLY exception was brain tissue.
Even in the 1970’s the Drug Industry was already well entrenched in its practice of pushing drugs. Still there were many of us who refused to see drug representatives. At conferences transparency was required. Sponsoring Drug Companies were named.
We also knew 50 plus years ago nutrition and exercise was important.
So not only in the 1970’s were we already up against a Powerful Drug Industry, but also the Food Industry.
Unfortunately, these two Industries were extremely adept at beating us at every turn, even then, and their expertise has only skyrocketed. THEY deserve more of your wrath !!!
At appointments with patients, if they did not receive a prescription on leaving, even with the strongest of encouragements to change unhealthy habits and with followup appointments, to further encourage that progress, they were very unhappy and went doctor shopping.
I can’t speak for todays “Woke” training of doctors, or the hospitals; but I truly hope there are still many competent doctors, and others within the health services, that were educated in the 19th century and still practising and refusing to bend against overwhelming Drug and Food industry pressure.

Kathleen J Epeneter
How is it practical to buy crypto at this time when rents, mortgages, utilities, etc are tied to electronic payment methods?

Truth and Courage
Excellent video Mike. I have been calling out “Peak Population” ever since the Plandemic, and also Elon Musk has done excellent interviews explaining why we have a underpopulation crisis Brewing.

Mehdi Rowshanaee
If that happen, do you think there be any internet? Or regularly maintain electric distribution system? I think if this happen, crypto does not worth a piece of crap!!

pan nat
Everything Mr. Adams says is going to come true unless the Satanic Communist are removed.

Bob Stanley
The 3 most important Truths all must face to navigate the coming collapse:
(1) Decentralized Technology has already won and is unstoppable
(2) The Commie globalists have already lost, and the entire WEF, fiat banks and maritime commercial system are dead man walking
(3) Don’t be fooled by the coming new system with “gold backed” new dollar and CBDC…
This Nationalist movement will quickly turn into a Theocracy of Karens, and will lead directly to the technocratic Omnivision surveillance state and The Mark of the Beast…

Yes, Mike…but, POI, it (what the American system now is) is not really “fascism.” Nor is fascism, if it were fascism, inherently bad.
Fascism is NATIONALISTIC. It’s actually NATIONALISM. The American government is NOT nationalistic. It is INTERNATIONALISTIC — GLOBALISTIC. Big difference.

Melody Wloch
Hunter invented a new style of art- CRACK ART.
On a separate note- globalists are purposely crashing the Fiat platforms and USA. You say that will mean their end but truthfully it only ensures their survival because they used the dying fiat currency to purchase gold. They have huge quantities of gold which they will use to pay their minions. They will continue to retain control just on a much smaller scale which is what they wanted all along. The rich get richer. The most EVIL in humanity will go on to re-populate the dying planet. This contradicts the Bible. There is Godly intervention missing from this equation. If gold signifies wealth there will need to be a redistribution from the wealthy to the poor. I believe this will be by God’s hand.


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