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The Fall | Two Can Play A Cluster Game. RBK500 Causes Total Destruction. Military Summary 2023.11.22

The Fall | Two Can Play A Cluster Game. RBK500 Causes Total Destruction. Military Summary 2023.11.22

By Military Summary

This video describes the military situation in Ukraine on the 22nd of November 2023

Here’s what others had to say:

Ukraine has no hope of victory, that’s why Ukrainian commanders are refusing to go on the offensive despite orders coming from Zelensky himself. The commadners know it, Zelensky knows it, unfortunately his and western stubbornness drag out Ukraine’s inevitable defeat and that means a Moscow which will be at least as vindictive as 1918 Paris.

Today Meloni of Italy said: “The war in Ukraine can easily be solved by getting out Russian troups from Crimea and other oblasts that used to be part of Ukraine”. Once and for all western politicians need to understand and accept that that’s the distant past, these oblasts are part of Russia and that will never change, Meloni is like crying to restore the Roman empire, we cannot live in the very distant past, if they have problem with that they should seek mental health help, not pollute the public with their personal issues.

In 1991 Ukrane had population of 52 million of rich happy people. In 2023 ukraine population is 10 million of broke, scared , poor , stressed people on the brink of starvation. Amazing case of self-genocide !!

I live in an ethnic Russian community in Canada, I am ethnic Russian, it’s such a simple thing our good host spoke: “this is something like the place where people had their private houses, where they where able to have some gardens, some trees, some apples, I don’t know”. Here, at my home, my family home and I bought the acre next door with a nice house on it for my Sister, her Husband and their four kids, where we too are able to have our gardens and some apples and many other fruit trees. We all watch this, detached, like it’s a movie or a story and yet, such a simple statement brings to life and reality the plight of ordinary people who have lost their houses and gardens and aren’t able to have some apples or something like this, anymore. It’s makes me really sad for those people and really angry at NATO, the UN and everyone of our current administrations in all of Western Civilization, and to be clear, I’m not forgetting about the evil of the NGOs, Institutions and alphabet groups working in conjunction and support of this evil conflict that started, encouraged and wouldn’t allow to end. I pray for the people, that they may once again have their houses and gardens and trees and apples, that their children are safe and that Russia will help them all when this is conflict is finally ended by Russia once and for all. There, I just prayed for them all and with a catch in my throat.

If one told me that the russians would build a tunel and make an underground assault I would call them crazy. Wow those guys are legends, it is as if it came straight from a Warhammer 40k story.

The tunnel was perhaps a one time trick, but it saved a lot of Russian lives. Still, the fall of the rest of Avdeyevka will depend on another cauldron, even though piercing defenses in various directions will accelerate it.

I remember when the ukrainians celebrated crossing the Dnipro River 🤣 omg the logistical and survival nightmare that it has turned into for them…

Rule # 1 in army tactical advance. Never place forward troops beyond the point of logistical support. Just another depressing bloodbath.

Russian economy is booming and military production grew 7-fold.(700%) while EU/US economy dropped by 2%, and 90% of ukraine economy just disappeared in thin air.

Zelinsky just wasted away his people and his country…Those American Cheerleaders were very persuasive.

What is ‘interesting’ at cluster munitions is their psychological effect.
Ukraine deployed/depleted them on trained soldiers that Might, just might, bare with the effects better. Russians kept theirs until new mobilized personal came to fill the gaps to completely destroy their Morale right from the get go.

There was a famous battle which started the ending phase of the three kingdom period in China more than 1750 years ago. Very similar tactic used for a supprise attack behind the enemy/defenders.

Very good discussion as respects to the Russia solution Kherson region and really enjoyed the explanation on the Russians building tunnels to surprise the Ukrainians, very cleaver.

I thought about Russia using recovered US/NATO Bradlys or tanks several months ago when we saw Russia capturing this equipment.
Personally I doubt Russia will use these captured equipment in the field. Why would they use inferior equipment to theirs and put their forces at risk. The only time I could see them using these could be after modifying them to be remote controlled and as remote infiltration and booby trapped.

It’s very clear that the Uk Forces are no longr capable of opposing to russian. The difference in supply, trianing and morale is becoming more evident every day. Best units are gone. Soon the line will collapse and the Russian will start to advace greatly.

Ukrainian Soldiers Began To Surrender En MASSE Near AVDIIVKA! The City Of MARYINKA is Going To FALL! Watching what is happening near Avdiivka, one gets the impression that the Russians have created a real trap there, which is about to close. Even Western experts admit that Avdiivka has become the second Bakhmut for the Ukrainian Armed Forces, where the Ukrainian army continued senseless resistance and eventually lost not only the city itself but also 70% of its combat-ready reserves. From the point of view of common sense and military art, the Armed Forces of Ukraine should have left Avdiivka a month ago. – BORZZIKMAN

Actor, choreographer, and director Polina Menshikh was mortally wounded in a Ukrainian rocket attack, her colleagues revealed on Tuesday. The strike reportedly used HIMARS systems supplied to Kiev by the US to first destroy the stage during a charity concert and then target the first responders who came to help. – RT

Using captured enemy vehicles is seen as weakness. The United States didn’t drive around all the T-62 and T-72 tanks captured in Iraq. Instead, they were put on display as war trophies and photos taken of them. The Ukrainians NEED the tanks to fight because they are low on tanks. The Russians don’t have a shortage of tanks.

AS the tale unfolded, in the heart of battle, we were told repeatedly, “Ukraine is winning”…”Ukraine is winning” by every talking head on TV.
Curious to see for ourselves, we deployed to the frontlines in the now celebrated counter offensive against musicians armed with nothing but shovels and pick axes which we presumed were to dig their own graves.
Yet, the whispers persisted “Ukraine is winning,” yet, the musicians played a paradoxical ballet with shovels, dancing bullets as my comrades lay wasted right and left.
In the twilight now, our benefactors are more interested in their first love in the far east,
And the whispers of “Ukraine in winning” is no more


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