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The Fall | Klishchiivka Fire Pocket. Russian Defense In Depth. Military Summary For 2023.9.4

The Fall | Klishchiivka Fire Pocket. Russian Defense In Depth. Military Summary For 2023.9.4

By Military Summary

This video describes the military situation in Ukraine on the 4th of September 2023

Here’s what others had to say:

Ukrainians who manage to surrender are the luckiest people in the war . I’m happy for them .

Fighting this war to the last Ukranian is a price Victoria Nuland is willing to pay. My condolences to all the Ukranian refugees who will be ejected from their european asylums and returned as more grist for the mill in this pointless war. This should’ve been a negotiation, not a war, but Nuland’s gotta Nuland.

The Ukronazis were captured because they chose to surrender knowing they fell in a death trap where they would probably be annihilated by the Russian heavy flamethrowers.

Most sensible action UAF personnel can is to 1) phone the Russian surrender hotline, 2) shoot their political commissars, and then 3) move as directed by the hotline. Then Zilenski can take their place in the trenches.

The desperation is in NATO which, despite all the support given, sees Ukraine conquer just a few rural villages after 3 months of counteroffensive at the cost of tens of thousands of soldiers stuffed with Captagon sent to the slaughterhouse against the Russian defense. And Russia has been holding its own with a small contingent against the entire Ukrainian army since 2014. And without even using nuclear weapons.
Even the notoriously pro-Ukrainian BBC ran a report on the huge increase in casualties among the Ukrainian military during this counter-offensive.
An interview was published in Poland ( Poland ) with Polish ( Polish ) Slavomir Vysotsky, who regularly travels to Ukraine on humanitarian missions:
“The human losses are enormous. Western technology burns like matches. It’s much worse than you think”.
The Western narrative that Ukraine is winning this war is cracking more and more every day. Sending in waves of padded Captagon soldiers is not a counter-offensive, it’s a criminal slaughter.

lately Russians have fired granates at ukrainians that are not meant to kill them but are filled with flyers and written instruction how to surrender…this happened near Klishchiivka, and significat number of ukro-soldiers surrendered….these people do not want to fight, they do not want to die. unlike their commanders, Russians give them a chance to live.

For people who don’t understand Polish, the headline at Rzeczpospolita reads “Poland has begun giving back to Ukraine men who had left the country.” The article has since been updated. The headline now reads “Poland has begun giving back to Ukraine men who engage in human smuggling.”

The Ukrainian telecommunications company ‘Kyivstar’ accidentally
published the losses of the Ukrainian army. A few days ago,
during a charity event, a promo video was shown where the company ‘Kyivstar”
directly stated that 400,000 Ukrainian soldiers would never answer the phone. This promo video
was later deleted. However, copies of this video already circulated across social media.

What do you guys think, has the situation changed dramatically recently? In my opinion it looks much more one-sided now, in russian favor.

I suspect the sacking of the defense minister yesterday was probably more to do with the lack of replacements being drafted into the army rather than his having paid too much for some uniforms. Recently we have had all the regional recruiting heads fired, bribes to escape Ukraine, reports even by BBC of heavy Ukraine losses and difficulty replacing them, announcement of total mobilization is some oblasts in the East, and now, a dropping of health standards and exemptions and a drive to even reach into Poland to bring back their patriotic warrior sons. Also the Telegraph reported on 60,000 women being trained in one brigade.
This is quite a cluster of articles that do not add up well for Ukraine.

Sending infantry first and tanks afterwards was NOT what Sir William Tritton had in mind when he designed the first tanks for Foster Agricultural Engineering in 1915. After trialing his first semi-track and wheeled version on the heavy ground of his native Lincolnshire he applied ‘full track’ such as had been used by Reginald Skelton, engineer to RF Scott’s projected South Pole expedition. Skelton’s invention for tracked snow vehicles had been unduly neglected but he was also a Lincolnshire man whom Tritton sought out to apply his design to what became the heavy tanks of WW1, first appearing in 2 versions in spring 2015. Skelton received a knighthood and had agreed with Tritton that their main job was to cross trenches of difficult profiles, armed with various cannon and machine guns followed by infantry who were protected by side firing machine guns. The engineers were excellent mathematicians and managed to spread the load of a very heavy armoured machine to a peak point. They could actually have been bigger retaining the light footprint except that transport ships had limited space.
Interesting history aside, Dima explains why Kiev is sending men first and that is because the UA is losing so much heavy armour. So much for last week’s myth of an ‘armoured fist’. The shortage possibly explains why there is remarkably little evidence of a logistics line anywhere. There never was going to be a ‘fist’ punching through and speeding to the sea. This would also explain why Russian forces have not revealed their EW and artillery assets in the 60 mile area drawn from Tokmak to Kurakhove — the range of HIMARS as supplied to Kiev. These assets are ready attack flanks all the way leaving a tangle of blood spattered steel.
With ‘no retreat’ forces threatening UA troops on Zelenskyy’s orders and the memo suspending the Geneva convention, the biggest enemies of the people’s army of Ukraine sit in bunkers in Kiev. Most likely some have left already in their private jets or as guests of the Biden administration, possibly refueling in the UK or Shannon.

After the US will decide to pull the plug on the this Ukrainian debacle, I expect to see the same images on the Kiev’s airport like we saw on Kabul airport. This time I do expect to see Zelensky’s clique clinging on the landing gear of the last fight out of the city and the sounds of Russians artillery in the background.

On 4th September Russian Su-34 aircraft in a first ever combat mission were armed with the ‘Kinzhal’ hypersonic missile in Ukraine.
Su-34 fighter-bombers equipped with Kinzhal has massive implications. Russia has around 160 (now, most likely even more).
The MiG-31Kand Tu-22M3 has been a carrier of the ‘Kinzhal’ up to now.

In my view this is the best channel to get updates on the war in UKRAINE. Must also point that the author does not take sides in this conflict. Great job!

A few days back, you shared a captured order stating that all Russian prisoners were to be executed. If this is accurate, I’m sure Kiew doesn’t want anyone to be reminded of that. God bless those men.
Let us all pray for an end to this madness.

I keep telling you that that area is not subject to attacks, the Ukrainians are always stuck on the Robotyne line, they have never crossed the areas you described. This map is created by pro-Ukrainian sources. The real maps are very different, but they cannot be published, because they are on the Russian side. And in any case the Ukrainians never crossed the first ditch or even the first fortified line. They get stopped much sooner. Reznikov was dismissed because he told the truth, namely that in three months, he lost all his men in this crazy offensive.

The USA Navy Boeing P-8A Poseidon from SIcily, Italy is circling at the Black Sea coast of Romania.
The USA Airforcee Northrop Grumman RQ-4B Global Hawk (FORTE10) drone also from Sicily, Italy is circling above the center-west of the Black Sea.
I expect more (drone) attacks on Crimea because of these USA activities.

Zelensky said he is replacing the defense minister cause they need a new approach. This is an admission that their current approach is a failure, which is sacrificing men just to take control of a potato field with 2 or 3 buildings. Yet the west claim that Ukraine is winning.

Losing significant numbers is not a problem for the comedian. In act two we will see the new cannon fodder recruits from the EU forced to take their place. More SOULS for his master.

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