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The AI Revolution is Here: Do You Remember the Time When Smartphones Changed the Way We Live and Do Business? Well, A New Revolution is Upon us, and it’s Called Artificial Intelligence!

The AI Revolution is Here: Do You Remember the Time When Smartphones Changed the Way We Live and Do Business? Well, A New Revolution is Upon us, and it’s Called Artificial Intelligence!

By Jamie McIntyre

The AI Revolution is here: Do you remember the time when smartphones changed the way we live and do business? Well, a new revolution is upon us, and it’s called Artificial Intelligence!

As an entrepreneur, it’s your chance to leverage the power of AI to skyrocket your business growth, create time freedom, and build extraordinary wealth for you and your family.

I want to personally invite you to an exclusive webcast hosted by one of the top Mentors on the planet: Kane Minkus from Industry Rock Star. Kane, along with his business partner and wife Alessia, has built and scaled over 40 companies and generated over $500MM USD in sales across all of them. They have trained over 3 Million professionals globally online and offline

On 14th, June 2023 at 1:00 pm Sydney Melbourne Brisbane, Canberra time | 11:00 am Bali / Asia item | 8:00 pm Phoenix US Time | 11:00 pm EST US Time NYC, Miami | 10:00 pm Mexico Cancun Time | 4:00 am UK London Time | 7:00 am Dubai Time

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