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Situation Update, Mar 20, 2023 – Global Finance SHOCKWAVES as Credit Suisse BAIL IN Wipes Out Billions in Bonds

Situation Update, Mar 20, 2023 – Global Finance SHOCKWAVES as Credit Suisse BAIL IN Wipes Out Billions in Bonds

By Health Ranger Report

0:00 Credit Suisse Crisis

32:40 Where to hide your gold

45:15 Trump

– The Credit Suisse BAIL IN wipes out $17 billion in bond value

– Swiss government liquidity adds BAIL OUT factor to UBS acquisition

– Global financial crisis began in crypto, moved to Silicon Valley and spread to Europe

– The entire western financial system is headed for catastrophe

– Janet Yellen says the government will CHOOSE which banks survive and which ones fail

– Only the WOKE banks will be bailed out in order to keep WOKE startups alive

– Most SVB startups were focused on WOKE topics like climate change

– All deposits and financial instruments have counter party risk

– Only things you physically control have no counter party risk:

– Gold, silver, land, food, ammo, etc.

– Where to hide your gold with certainty that no one will mess with it

– As the collapse accelerates, people will become even MORE desperate

– As the banks fail, chaos will prevail

Here’s what others had to say:

Jarumir Khan
In Germany (a U.S. occupation zone that is managed with the use of nuclear weapons if necessary), we now pay double the energy costs for electricity and gas. In general the Germans are fat up with the deep state of the US. They knw that the dark forces are bombing our Gas Pipeline. But we love the American people!

Lawrence Rayburn
Mike, storage rental places go out of business all the time and they AUCTION the contents of the storage lockers. I bought one in Lubbock, Texas that had the memorabilia of a family that moved overseas with Texas Instruments to Singapore. TI was supposed to keep up the rental payments while they were overseas…..Guess what….they DIDN’T and the contents were sold to me. A year later the family returned and came looking for their stuff. I gave them what I had left, but the rest of the stuff they had to collect damages for from Texas Instruments.
THAT’s how that works. Never put gold, silver bullion or gemstones and jewelry in rental storage places. Rental VAULTS are just as risky….had one fail in Arizona and the FBI is STILL working on that.

I’ll register Democrat to vote for RFK II.
Greg Hunter just did a show with Karen Kingston saying that Pfizer violated the contract they had with the government and Trump is not to blame. He is not the credit for protecting us from the fraud either.

Mike now you did it! The Woke ruler banksters will outlaw all septic tanks and come to your property and haul all your crap away. They know crap will be worth more than their woke bank accounts.

The banking system is so convoluted, just like the legal system, like the medical system, or any bureaucracy, as if it was designed to confuse and mislead. I like my stuff in my hands, where it’s simple and real, unless the actual force majeure has a different idea. I think, we have to at least make an effort to preserve what’s real and human, before it’s gone for good.

Big Dad
I think the Prosecutor of New York had to rethink his arresting of President DJ Trump because of 18 US Code 3056 & 18 US Code 1752. He Cannot arrest, attempt to arrest or even get near the Presidents Secret Service detail as listed By Law in the mentioned above codes…….They never think things out because of Trump Hate Syndrome, along with a lack of frigging Brains!

Tad Moto
The Khazarian Mafia run major banks and the Fed Reserve manipulating bank bailouts and bail in’s stealing from taxpayers again while prepping for the inevitable CBDC with complete control over our financial system. Replay of 2008, repeat and rinse.

C Taylor
Apparently, $42 billion was pulled out of SV Bank by Israel companies 48 hours before they announced the problem.

Klaus Barbie
Maybe there will be a new form of black market currency in the future. Just as the international banking bloodlines use pedophilia as a form of currency because they do not care what happens to anyone outside of their family, perhaps the masses can do something similar. I think information might become quite valuable during a collapse. Like, hey you know that great grand daughter of that one Rothschild guy that was one of the people that caused this crash? You mean Greta? Yea, that’s the name. I know where she lives and I will trade you that information for some food. That Soros boy, he travels down this one winding road from their hilltop mansion. And I remember the IRA once took out this guy with the flying copper plate design. Cut that armored car right in half. I’ll sell you the plans for some food. Want to know how to process wood ashes and rust to make cyanide. Well, let’s trade.

rachel goodkind
The banking system as a whole is mostly globalists who launder money in nasty ways.
Not at all surprising that many have and will go under. Its’ time to change the financial system to support citizens of all nations. Drain the swamp of the monsters. cheers.

With all the lies and obfuscation our governments and “leaders” use to control the masses, I think Mike should rename “Situation Update” to “Simulation Update”

so when the banks collapse in the US (which they will) how long before the electrical grid collapses? If companies or people cannot pay for services the business cannot function. Therefore, the bank collapse will cascade into the infrastructure of the country.


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