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Situation Update, Jan 24, 2023 – Ready for Collapse? Critical Infrastructure Now FALLING APART Across the World

Situation Update, Jan 24, 2023 – Ready for Collapse? Critical Infrastructure Now FALLING APART Across the World

By Health Ranger Report

0:00 Intro

3:23 WEF Menu

4:49 Chat GPT AI system

10:18 Traffic noise rules

13:04 Turmeric

16:08 Ultimate anti-aging remedy

33:07 Pakistan

38:50 Crazy things

44:30 Lyman Bishop

– ChatGPT AI system just passed an MBA final exam

– Human MANAGERS will soon be obsolete as AI takes over

– Traffic cameras now LISTENING and writing tickets for excessive sound

– Turmeric found to treat symptoms of IBD

– Ultrasound treatments found to REJUVENATE “zombie” cells like fountain of youth

– Tuning forks, sound healing and vibrational medicine

– Pakistan suffers nationwide grid failure, blames no one

– Critical infrastructure no longer reliable anywhere

– Great Britain pays residents to STOP using electricity

– Davos elitists tell us to EAT CRICKETS while they dine on salmon and steaks

– Full interview with Lyman Bishop of Hoplite Armor about ballistic protection

Here’s what others had to say:

Unbelievable that you could prepare four hours of podcast material overnight and on a daily basis very often. Not to mention all the other irons you have in the fire, allegedly, every day. And not to mention all the places, you’ve traveled and lived in, in your short life, the languages you say you learned, the education you profess to have, the number of business endeavors you manage along with your science lab and vitamin e-commerce business, and the list appears to be endless. Oh, and not to mention a ranch you manage, tractor equipment you repair, and animal husbandry. Impressive.

If your friend who is the engineer would create an add-in for existing hot tubs, the market for that would be huge. The water is already there for the frequencies, and people can rotate in and out for therapy in Spa’s and Clubs. Hot tub owners have more $ typically and could afford it. Great solutions, the tuning fork no grid option sounds amazing too. Thanks Mike.

Taddie Sy
Mike – I get it about your sound sensitivities – I always say I am like a bat – I am better than a rottweiller for home safety .. I have also said so many of the younger generations have lost their hearing due to blasting music through ear buds… now addicted to their tech – so oblivious to everything going on around them – will be happy in the metaverse.

Tangle F
Turmeric is a P-450 phase 2 antagonist. High or daily doses can & will slow phase 2 detox and thus slow the metabolism of pharmaceutical medications or environmental toxins.

rebel grandma
Maybe the power interruption in India will help pause the scammers who steal from the elderly in our country..

Paige Barent
As a retired college professor, who has graded hundreds of research papers, I can tell you that a “B” or “B-” is NOT excellent work. In fact, an “A-” doesn’t qualify as excellent work either.

In my humble opinion, all of these AI stories are designed to convince people that they need a chip implanted in their brain in order to compete with a tin can that has been programmed by a human.

James Beliveau
An interesting piece of research for you Michael… I’m a Vietnam veteran and our m16 auto rifle takes 5.5 ball rounds. Interesting that the Russian made ak47 used by Vietcong (best auto rifle ever made) takes same ammo. After all I’ve researched, I would not be surprised to learn that senators, congressman, pentagon and even presidents did this purposefully to assist enemies of the US to destroy our own troops. Why ? Because it appears that every war was designed to depopulate the world. As they’re doing right NOW !

Grocery stores are closing down in busy neighborhoods because they can forecast the future better than most businesses, ‘they’re the canary in the coal mine’, food has always been obtainable, plentiful and affordable, now I see empty shelves, eggs that are a staple food in just about everything we eat are now insanely expensive…(the great reset demands we all starve and beg for help) the cost of everything is going up and bread is being discounted because nobody wants to pay five dollars for a loaf of bread, baked goods are insanely expensive because milk, eggs and butter are being treated like gold and I’m positive the same bunch of evil bastards who used a psyop to cause a run on toilet paper are the same bunch manipulating our staple foods….is there anyone with authority to stop the destruction of America?

James Beliveau
The reasons for prohibiting body armor is dumber than the prohibition. They’re punishing good citizens for what criminals do. Dumb dumb dumb !

Big Moe
Speaking of infrastructure or utilities in general, my electric bill just doubled. I’m certain that this is not an uptick in my usage but a “fuel cost” issue to my electric provider. Where I live, it’s rural America, farmers. They will not be able to afford this extortion by the federal government. They will resort to wood and wax and the fucking electric provider will go broke. It’s here folks. It’s here.

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