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Situation Update, Jan 10, 2023 – A Job-sucking ECONOMIC VORTEX Has Just Been Unleashed Upon the World

Situation Update, Jan 10, 2023 – A Job-sucking ECONOMIC VORTEX Has Just Been Unleashed Upon the World

By Health Ranger Report

0:00 Intro

3:25 Other News

6:27 Firearms

11:33 Germany

15:55 Land and Infrastructure

23:35 Finance

30:42 McDonalds

32:55 California

33:43 Europe

39:22 Asteroid Alert

42:17 Mars

45:50 Geology

– Huge layoffs have now begun across Big Tech, real estate and finance

– House GOP votes to repeal funding for 87,000 IRS agents

– Fifth Circuit court overturns bump stock ban in slap to ATF overreach

– Germany trying to ban civilians from owning semi-automatic firearms

– Homesteading advice on how deep to bury water, power and gas lines

– How to stop corrosion on battery terminals using sprayable lanolin

– Get spare filters and elements for your equipment before China halts exports

– Used car prices plummet the most on record

– 91% of cryptos have died since 2014, and Gemini is in real trouble

– California natural gas company warns of 100% price increase

– Swiss National Bank announces shocking $143 billion LOSS over currency bets

– A 230-foot asteroid will fly by Earth soon

– Scientists say Mars has opal gemstones, evidence of previous water and microbial life

– Russia mobilizing hundreds of thousands MORE soldiers to fight

– Details of the #Ukraine Bakhmut salt mines with 125 miles of underground tunnels

– Massive UNDERGROUND CITIES that house military equipment, people, ammunition and more

– Ancient Turkey also features underground cities to survive comet impacts and more

Here’s what others had to say:

Jill Quin
If you are in Minnesota, New Kingdom Healthcare, does not require masks, they don’t promote or encourage any vax( convid or childhood lethal injection). The staff does not wear masks and they dress casual instead of in white coats. They promote nutrition and natural remedies first.

Millions laid off and desperate to feed their families will discover millions of new jobs on the Russian Front to save the Marxist Democracy of Zelensky. How is it possible, Zelensky a Jew, is leader of Ukraine Nazi’s? In the Animal Farm, the spinning fairy wheel keeps the masses confused.

Jen Malinowski
Only a sap believes that the Damar Hamlin incident was anything but a psyop

Opals are high in water content. Some keep opals immersed in water to keep them from drying out and losing their brilliance. I would love to see an opal from Mars and hear what it has to say. I’m not sure if crystals are conscious beings, but they definitely communicate, if you tune into their frequency. Maybe they’re ancient technology for record keeping, who knows.

Bruce A. Hamilton
In the how-deep-to-bury discussion around 17:00, Mike forgot to specify how deep to bury the sewer and other waste water lines, which generally need to be the deepest of all utilities.

Albert J
What if these bonez 15McCarthy is throwing are meaningless flares as countermeasures for heat seeking missiles just to buy time for Biden to surrender this summer to the UN-WHO “Plandemic Medical Emergency” as an excuse to land ChiCom troops wearing UN uniforms to begin confiscating guns, gasoline engines and gas burning stoves?

Woolwax yes, just know that it contains about 30% light motor oil in addition to the 70% lanolin. So not good to use on your skin, but great for non-personal care purposes. Get pure lanolin for moisturizing.

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