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Russia’s Shoigu Confirms Army ‘Wiped Out’ 17,000 Ukrainian Troops, Three Western Tanks This Month

Russia’s Shoigu Confirms Army ‘Wiped Out’ 17,000 Ukrainian Troops, Three Western Tanks This Month

By Hindustan Times

Russia’s defence minister has claimed that the Army killed 17,000 Ukrainian soldiers this month in the course of the war. Sergei Shoigu was chairing a board meeting at the defence ministry. He added that over 2,700 pieces of military equipment including U.S-made Bradley Infantry Vehicles, German-made Leopard and UK-made Challenger tanks have been destroyed. Shoigu trained guns at Ukraine and its allies for “throwing untrained soldiers into senseless assaults.” Watch for more details.

Here’s what others had to say:

A very humiliating month for Ukraine overall, the sad thing is they will keep on throwing more and more troops at Russia but it won’t help

By the time Zelensky leaves Ukraine to seek refuge Ukraine would become a Has Been country.

Sad people losing their lives and the countries behind the conflict don’t care at all. Unfortunately for the citizens of those countries, what goes around comes around.

Love to Russia from India.. Hope our PM will stand for dear friend Russia if NATO intervene directly.

Well done, Indonesian and malaysian and Asean nations stand with russia glory, had help our nations against western colonialism and get freedom.

The good people of the world should stand with Russia for a better tomorrow.

Another sign of Russian greatness, that Shoigu goes out of his way to castigate Zelensky for sending untrained troops into senseless assaults.

We the billions of people stand with Russia and its beautiful people. Russia is defending its nation and resources against the pack of wolves.

I have just had a Ukrainian friend who has been mobilised. He came to our group in Odesa last Friday to say goodbye. He was in good spirits as he is being sent to the UK for 3 months training.

The militaries should give honor, incentives and awards to military equipment factory workers.

Victory to my Russian Orthodox Christian brothers from Greece.

Very sad that so many young people are losing their lives for the sake of anglosaxons interest.

Nicely done Russia! You are doing a world a favor. Someone has to stop this worldwide madness. We the billions of people can’t enjoy our resources in peace.

No weapon visible and invisible formed against Russia, its president, people, friends, and its resources, shall prosper, amen

Billions of the World’s people stand with Russia…from United States.

People who think that Ukraine is winning are living in denial. They seek comfort in subjective reality and ignore all the facts.

According to the stats that Russia has put out since the beginning of 5he conflict Russia has succeeded in eliminating all of the Western weapons sent to Ukraine. There are none left! So, is Ukraine fighting back with Russian supplied weapons alone?

Russia is a blessed country and Russians are blessed people. God’s sake Putin win the American proxy war against Russia in Zelensky’s Ukraine and also defeat NATOs for the sake of world peace, prosperity and harmony.

Because of a Comedian President who is incompatible , soldiers have lost their life and now about their family , will this joker take care of them in this situation Shame on Zelensky.

Since the beginning of time warlords have added that their enemies are also evil and detestable, providing a secondary reason for their aggression.

17 000, that’s great work by the Russians, not to mention the military hardware and ammunition stores. Even with these losses, Ukraine says they are winning. I wonder how bad things have to get before they say things are not going very well.


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