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“Pedophiles Will Save the World”, Says the World Economic Forum

“Pedophiles Will Save the World”, Says the World Economic Forum

Pedophiles don’t produce offspring, and minors engaging with adults don’t become heads of large families, which will ultimately save the earth, says the WEF.
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Organized, systematic child abuse is part of the lifestyle of the elites in the higher circles of our societies. As this is being exposed, they are at risk of being prosecuted, which is why they are trying to normalize it.
THE PEOPLE’S VOICE created a revealing video about this agenda that threatens children around the world.
In The Netherlands the government allows a political party for pedophilia, that published a manual on how to use forensic techniques to rape babies, and leave no trace. The guide also teaches adults how to seduce toddlers. The Dutch Minister President Mark Rutte, who works closely with the World Economic Forum, was part of a political party that normalizes sexual acts with animals.
The attorney Annemarie van Blijenburgh testified how she was present during several meetings where members of royal families and top politicians tortured, raped and murdered children on stage for an audience of high level officials from the military, judiciary, media and politics. Her testimony is confirmed by Natalie Augustina, a surviving victim who was mind programmed by the CIA to be a slave for the elites.
Nathalie was trafficked to members of royal families around the world, presidents, celebrities, and other top members of our society.
A former bankster who moved trillions of dollars for the rich and powerful of our world, Ronald Bernard, testifies how he was invited to partake in ceremonies of child sacrifice by the top bankers of the world. If he would join in this practice, all doors for wealth would swing open for him. He stepped out, was tortured to death, had an encounter with Christ, and is working to build a better world.
These testimonies are confirmed by many other reports from eye witnesses, surviving victims, former directors of the FBI and CIA, members of police and gendarmerie, etc. Every criminal investigation into these practices is always sabotaged by the authorities.
In the USA a laptop from Hunter Biden, the son of president Joe Biden, surfaced, containing videos and photos of child abuse and human trafficking.
This laptop was brought in for repair, and as the computer technician discovered its content, he sent it to the FBI. The FBI buried it, and instructed Twitter and Facebook to censor all information regarding this laptop.
These facts are just the tip of a dark iceberg of worldwide widespread and well organized human trafficking that characterizes the financial elites, who run the world behind the scene of the corrupted governments. This practice will be their downfall, which is why I urge all who read this, to spread this message far and wide.
All videos, reports, and evidence can be accessed, through the link below.

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