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Now It All Makes Sense! Mel Gibson Exposes Oprah’s Secrets and This Happened

Now It All Makes Sense! Mel Gibson Exposes Oprah’s Secrets and This Happened

By Devin Gibson


Here’s what others had to say:

PROTECT THE CHILDREN!!! The narrator of this was wrong on a few things, Jim Caviezel is the lead actor not Mel Gibson (I don’t think Mel had anything to do with Sound Of Freedom)… BUT either way, we have to combat this evil sin, unveil the dirty deeds going on beind the scenes, and stand firm in righteousness! #JesusIsLord.

As an Aussie it makes me proud that Mel Gibson is exposing these heinous crimes and those privileged few who would indulge in it. Mad Max indeed…

Her comment is just sick. As a survivor of horrific child sexual abuse, trust me NO 7 year old girl finds having someone stoking her back, comforting. It’s repulsive & creepy.😢 Please continue to expose these monsters &rescue these children. Bless you.

I applaud all those who were involved with this project!!!
Children should be protected and this story should be told!!!
Sound of Freedom go!!!

The silence of celebrities and the media is DEAFENING and TELLING. They are all complicit in this activity and so CANNOT condemn it. They are hoping this will all just go away. WE NEED TO MAKE SURE THAT DOES NOT HAPPEN.

The fact that Hollywood is trying so hard to stop this movie tells you EVERYTHING you need to know!!

Espero que todos esos oscuros sean llevados a juicios y los castigos sean drásticos, sí y que sus Almas sean desintegradas.

As a Christian watching what is going on in this human trafficking scandal has led me to donate to the operation underground railroad. In order to help these little children of God.

We DO need to concern ourselves with what these people are doing; All it takes for evil to thrive is for evil to thrive is for good men & women to do nothing.

Netflix says yes to Cuties but no to Sound of Freedom. Tell me you’re guilty, without telling me you’re guilty.

They’ve done everything they can to destroy Mel for decades. They probably tested him with this type of Sin and he refused to take the bait and they had nothing to blackmail him with.

My thoughts EXACTLY. why would you go all the way over to Africa when there’s so many deprived areas in the US that need schools? The reason for that is so she could get away with those crimes easier, plus if anything happened over there in South Africa no one in the states would really know about it. This woman is truly sick and does not care about Africans.


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