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Lockdown 2.0 Is Coming Soon: Are We Already Conditioned for Another One?

Lockdown 2.0 Is Coming Soon: Are We Already Conditioned for Another One?

By London Real

Dr Malone has courageously placed himself in the spotlight and under the most intense scrutiny imaginable for expressing his concerns over the US government’s vaccine agenda. As an internationally recognised virologist, immunologist, physician, biochemist and author, credited as the original inventor of mRNA delivery and vaccination technology, he has dedicated much of the past 40 years of his life to vaccine development and drug repurposing for infectious disease outbreaks.

Here’s what others had to say:

Beth Smith
People need to stand up to government bullies.

Kevin Fremon
Really appreciate all that Dr Malone has done and what he stands for. Really brave.

Dr. Malone is a true hero! Thank you, Dr. Malone! You helped keep my family healthy during the scamdemic.

heresa Marie
You have to be willing to die for your beliefs.
When you understand only your body dies then you will not fear death or anything else for that matter.

Jo Lindo
When I lived in the UK I was disturbed by their apathy and compliance without discernment.

Hannah kinnear
No more lock downs, no more mandates, no more control.

Catholic Faith Channel Amen
Say no to the digital global currency and the digtal health certificate.

Gil Kennedy
To see and live around people that follow the stupide lockdown rules infuriate me more than see rulers make rules.

Mateo Simon
It’s very sad to see people you know, in the streets, people who crossed the streets when they knew you were unvaxxed; it’s very sad to see them in fear of dying now that they see, in horror, that all truth is coming out.

Chris Gosmore
Do not comply. They haven’t got the resources to enforce it.

Toni Dantonio
It was all about fear and that’s what happened. We need to find strength and believe in ourselves and stand up to evil.

IDunno Anymore
Conditioned! Just like we are conditioned to give all our money to the government freely aka taxes! The taxes were suppose to be temporary and they’re still in place after all these centuries!!!!

Humanity have become sheeples, most wait for others to do something, its about time that 8 billion strong stand up against the Evil.


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