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Is This Because Australia is One of the Biggest Pedo Controlled Nations on the Planet?

Is This Because Australia is One of the Biggest Pedo Controlled Nations on the Planet?

Twitter Post By Jamie McIntyre

Is this because Australia is one of the biggest Pedo-controlled nations on the planet?

Just asking for a friend, Why doesn’t Australia have a distributor yet, do you think?

Here’s what others had to say:

Apparently, just heard it from a friend, when the WHs & co hit Aus, they were shocked they’d found one of the largest underground pedo systems in the world….under Victoria, I believe.

TheMan witha Mullet
Wallis Cinemas in Noarlunga SA are making enquiries with Angel Studios and will screen it if it can be made available here. Sadly this movie is going to be used to con people into microchipping their kids under the guise of safety.

glen birnie
Readings has been the one backing this movie. Village and hoyts are locked in government funding so they are compromised. Lots of local cinema have also expressed interest.

The SoF team said they were concentrating on USA first and working on international licensing behind the scenes.
They’re concentrating on Cinema releases first and then looking for streaming services around the world.
There was a venue showing this in Perth, WA last week!

Well yes as your former Prime Minister Scott Morrison has been named as Head of the Australian peado ring.

Indeed they are. Prolific is a good word but is an understatement. The so called elites protect the identities of their decrepit mates.

Australia is massively into it, completely out of its depth. Just ask fmr Senator Bill Heffernan.

Probably… Australia also has a judicial gag order hiding the identity of pedo’s in govt for the next zillion years.

Our nation is infested with pedophiles and a judicial system that protects them.

Nathan Civils
Mate you have already answered your own question when the King of our country is at the very least a pedophile apologist in regards to Jimmy Saville. His brother Andrew didn’t visit Epstein island numerous times because of the weather and good conversation.

Australia was set up as a country for paedophiles originally.


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