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Is It Your Duty Perhaps to Help a Poor Misled Aussie That Thinks That Maybe They Should Vote “Yes” to Say no to Something They Don’t Understand

Is It Your Duty Perhaps to Help a Poor Misled Aussie That Thinks That Maybe They Should Vote “Yes” to Say No to Something They Don’t Understand

Is it your duty perhaps to help a poor misled Aussie who thinks that maybe they should vote “Yes” to say no to something they don’t understand?

After all, trusting one’s Government is only what fools do, or trusting MSM or Pfizer and co.

My older brother just posted this on Facebook. It was so well written, I thought I would share it.

“So, John Farnham has given permission to the Yes campaign to use his song.
He is entitled to do that.
Most Aussies are not interested in politics and are easily swayed by smooth-talking pollies and celebrities, but this issue needs serious consideration.
Most Aussies do not understand the significance of our Constitution and that all Laws derive from it.
Any Federal Government can then enact laws specifically benefitting 3% of our population based on race.
I have read the single page version of the Uluru statement; what a load of emotive waffle it is.
I urge you to read it and if you base your choice on that one page, then No must be the choice.
There is zero detail about how a new bureaucracy would work and the Government will not tell us before voting. For me that is reason enough to vote No.
I have read the 25-page Uluru statement and urge everyone to read it. The detail is not hidden and is scary and if you base your choice on those pages, then you can say you were informed and voted accordingly.
I have also looked at the other 94 pages of the leadup to the Statement, but the 25 pages are the important ones. (It’s one 119-page document)
I now have the AEC referendum booklet and have read it.
Everything it contains is already being implemented and I do not see how another layer of bureaucracy is of practical benefit.
I was in Mataranka NT a few years ago and met several people gathering for a conference about indigenous affairs. There were 6 or 8 aboriginal regional representatives who either drove or flew in, about 6 white people from local, state and federal government.
What I saw was a consultative process where the aboriginal people could discuss and make representation to all levels of Government, and they did not need a “voice to parliament” because they already had one.
This referendum is not a law that can be easily changed or rescinded, it’s about the CONSTITUTION of Australia and it is a serious issue.”



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