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I Used ChatGPT (Every Day) for 5 Months. Here Are Some Hidden Gems That Will Change Your Life

I Used ChatGPT (Every Day) for 5 Months. Here Are Some Hidden Gems That Will Change Your Life

By Diana Dovgopol

Transform your life with these ChatGPT’s hidden gems.

As ChatGPT gains more popularity, many have become accustomed to its standard functions and are using ChatGPT in various ways. However, what many don’t realize is that this AI has a bunch of advanced capabilities beyond just writing texts and code.

ChatGPT has many features that can be applied to both your personal and professional life.

In this article, I’ll share with you some less known and non-standard features of ChatGPT. By exploring these hidden gems, you can unlock the full potential of this remarkable AI and leverage it for your benefit.

So without further ado, let’s dive in!

1. Summarize videos, articles, papers and posts

One of the best things about ChatGPT is the time it saves me when reading online content.

In the past, I had to skim through loads of boring scientific articles in order to find certain information, but now ChatGPT can do that for me in seconds. Plus, it can even translate stuff into another language in less than a minute.

Here’s how it works (note that you need to have these ChatGPT plugins enabled)

  1. Find the video/article/paper/post.
  2. Copy the link.
  3. Ask ChatGPT to summarize it for you.
The screenshot by the author

I found this feature incredibly helpful. The only drawback I found is that it doesn’t read scientific papers in PDF format. That said, when it comes to summarizing plain text on websites, it does a good job.

Note: Now you can summarize even PDFs with the new ChatGPT plugin “Ask Your PDF.” For more info, check out this article.

2. Scan and Describe Images with ChatGPT

I recently discovered a feature that has proven to be incredibly useful to me, and I thought it would be valuable to share it with…


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