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Global CBDC System Incoming!! This Report Will SCARE You!!

Global CBDC System Incoming!! This Report Will SCARE You!!

By Coin Bureau

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Things are strange right now. The US dollar is becoming less valuable because of inflation, but it’s getting stronger compared to other currencies and things like gold and property. People are turning to the dollar because they think it’s safer. I’m worried about my retirement savings of about $420,000 losing value because of high inflation. Where else can we keep our money?

Thank you Guy and everyone at Coin Bureau. Your content is as always incredibly informative and helpful! I try to warn people about this stuff and get treated like a madman, but at least I’ve tried to spread the word 🙂

Would like to thank all the programmers working with the Banking cartel, governments and WEF for making this happen. The enslavement of humanity is your legacy, thanks so much.

What’s scary is how Google (YouTube) will be involved in all of this. There is no way a company like Google will just sit on the sidelines with all this new banking tech coming.

one of the few channels I’m always watching as the content is really well prepared and presented

They did force the global population to comply with mandates, lock downs, masks etc. so I see no reason why they couldn’t force CBDC’s onto the global population as well.

Now it’s not just really going to be nice to be rich, it’s going to become a necessity for any real quality of life

I view the FedNow and CBDC chances of success as similar to the dismal success of Obamacare. A lot of early hype and acceptance, but people gradually realized it only further strengthened insurers and reduced free market competition. Not to mention the billions wasted by the Govt on a website that could be replicated on Square Space. Just my thoughts.

In 1708 in the UK, an act was passed that prevented competition to the Bank of England after two or three failed attempts were made at setting up similar schemes, one with land being the securities.
Just think about that. The Bank of England at that time was a private subscription company.

So, how do we avoid using the FPS when making a BACS transfer, and what’s the CBDC-like harm in using it when it’s (at least seemingly) unavoidable?

Dutch banking apps where kind enough to put a banner in their welcome screen, claiming that “your digital wallet is ready” happening too fast for my taste.

How would EMPs affect this? For example some countries or factions may not want to be a part of it. Could it be disrupted? I mean, even if there is a “backup” of the record, blockchain existing somewhere, the grid down would disable transactions and more. Comments on this?

These days the big banks are buying stocks in companies that have lots of bitcoins as assets. Should I do the same?


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