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Elon Musk, I’m BUYING The World Health Organization From Bill Gates

Elon Musk, I’m BUYING The World Health Organization From Bill Gates

By Elon Musk Fan World Live

Elon Musk, I’m BUYING The World Health Organization From Bill Gates

In an unexpected twist, Elon Musk announces his intent to buy the World Health Organization from Bill Gates. Is this a game-changer in global health leadership? Tune in to find out the implications of this ground-breaking news.

Here’s what others had to say:

We trust Elon a million times more than a monster Gates…..

Elon would be far healthier than what Gates is doing.

If Elon takes control of W.H.O. I’ll definitely consider investing a better world!!

This keep America’s health-care out of the hands of swab.

I don’t know how he dies it. Some of us absolutely hate being the center of attention, for empaths it’s like smothering..litteraly.. So much love for Elon..indescribable.

Elon and Tesla….they are geniuses.

Elon might use the who to inject his chips into more people. He seems just as scary.

Crossfimger Elon you have a big HEART you fighting for FREEDOM.

WHO should be dissolved cause it doesn’t serve its purpose anymore!

Please Elon, We need Lobbying out of Healthcare. Buy the majority of the organization, and mandate a neurolink for him!

By the way I thought he was going to give all his money away to charities how about giving it away to all the people that lost friends and family members and loved ones during the pandemic to him and his buddies caused.

With the little combination of big personalities it is easy to fool people for increase channel views.

Are to really thinking this though? Too much power in one person could be a disaster. Is he the less of two evils?
There is only one I Trust…Jesus. He is the Truth the light and the way that answers All the world’s problems.

Trump 2024!!! A true American.


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