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“Change Not Seen For 100 Years Is Coming” | BRICS Moves To Flip The Global Order

“Change Not Seen For 100 Years Is Coming” | BRICS Moves To Flip The Global Order

By Sean Foo

BRICS is moving to expand as we move towards the August summit. During the BRICS foreign minister meeting, the bloc revealed its cards on expanding the group. And more importantly, why BRICS is moving to push the world toward a multipolar future. Here’s what you must know!

Here’s what others had to say:

If Saudi Arabia, Iran, Qatar and UAE joined BRICS, it would be a massive game changer. Imagine if all the commodity and energy suppliers joined BRICS+ and stopped selling their goods in USD. That would be a tectonic shift in world economics. Of course, no one in the west or the US is talking about this or saying it won’t happen..

If we listen carefully what is being said over and over again during recent BRICS meetings is multipolarism. In my opinion, BRICS does not want to repeat the unipolar route of creating a single currency just like the Euro. Instead, they are setting up infrastructures that facilitate bilateral currencies exchanges among trading nations. I think they are busy building facilities for hedging, insurance/re-insurance, central depositories before revealing their actual plan.

The Tree Keeper
De-dollarisation= no sanctions, little money to fund wars around the world, more lives saved, a more peaceful world.

Nuraini Arsad
It ‘s not just the amount of investment either, but the pattern. Western investment tends to come to a region and make countries in the region fight for their capital, creating a sense of resentment and insecurity among neighbours. Sort of like how their corporations make states in the US fight over getting them to put hq in their states. There is no sense of long term investment or trade relationships, it’s all about ‘what can you do for me today’.

A better investment conversation is about what countries want to be about, and how that does or doesn’t fit the investing nation’s own aspirations – it’s about creating a trade relationship that makes unique sense, and may not be right or the same if you just swap the countries. It also encourages neighbours to think about their own aspirations so that the trade benefits can be shared in even more relationships. I think the moment the Global South gets something like it growing and becoming normal, no one will want to go back to the ‘fight for the scraps, peasants!’ approach we have today.

Happy Melon
G7 meeting:
On geopolitics for politicians interest.
To divide and create/amplify conflict in others home for weapon sales, exploit.
BRICS meeting:
On economy for the people interest.
Food and better life for the people.

Russell Meyers
I think that there will be a BRICS currency established with the August meeting. No matter what, this meeting will absolutely mark a radical global shift.

No Nope
From Saudi Arabia’s viewpoint, the entire West is talking “full electrification by 20xx” everybody has their own date with some countries much sooner than others, but the point is, if you’re a country that relies on oil sales, why would you want to be in the camp that wants to stop using oil and get rid of gas powered cars? Saudi Arabia has to act, they’ve already been given an expiration date for their economy by the West. You really cannot blame them at all.

George Zoraya
Another masterclass Sean, agree with everything you’ve said, it’s building, pardon the pun, there will be details to work through (devil in the details as they say, he loves throwing in to mess things up deliberately) as long as Members work together for mutual win/win, no childish ‘game theory’ it is a death by 1000 cuts.

Rick Becket
Wait, in August BRICS will only be discussing the requirements and qualifications that must be met to join, they are NOT admitting new members in August because as of right now there is no procedure for new countries to join.


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