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Australian Plans to Inject All Its Livestock With Deadly mRNA Vaccines, Can be Stopped if Enough Awareness is Raised, Says Chief Editor of the Australian National Review

Australian Plans to Inject All Its Livestock With Deadly mRNA Vaccines, Can be Stopped if Enough Awareness is Raised, Says Chief Editor of the Australian National Review

Twitter Post By Jamie McIntyre

Australian plans to inject all its livestock with deadly MRNA vaccines, can be stopped if enough awareness is raised, says the Chief Editor of the Australian National Review.

It’s promising to see so many Australians outraged over the Globalist’s plans to force Australian Farmers (and my family and are, as Australian beef producers) to mRNA vaccine all their herds, with unsafe, ineffective, and totally unnecessary experimental vaccines, that were tested on humans first with disastrous results.
We have known since last year, re the forced compliance planned, as farmers won’t be able to sell their livestock soon, via sales yards unless they are injected.
This was first known last year.

We even made plans to not sell cattle for a year or two if this occurred, knowing how valuable non-injected meat would become, and the fact we simply don’t want to risk our herds for totally unnecessary experimental drugs, which are effective at making hundreds of billions for Gates and co, and at eliminating herds and making them infertile, to destroy farming. Which is not a hidden goal of the WEF, and other climate alarmist psychopaths.
Remember the Great Totalitarian Reset motto
“You’ll own nothing and be happy (while us billionaire elite will own everything and promise not to be sad)

You’ll eat these bugs and insects (you useless meat-eating slaves, while we dine on prime beef and caviar, flying in our gas-gurgling private jets to overseas destinations, you are banned from, as you refused or died from your 58th vaccine booster) says WEF, Head of the whacko Billionaire elite Global Cult, Klaus Schwab.
At least the Australian cows know they at least tested these experimental drugs on humans first, for a rebranded low lethality flu, which everyone but the slowest in the class, or Bs19 paid off fraudster, the nose was a deliberately exaggerated and falsified pandemic to sell $150 billion per year in deadly vaccines and start the Greta human cull.
And they plan to hype up “
Foot and mouth disease”, and overexaggerate the threat, or invent a new disease, to force all herds to be vaccinated. I mean, what a simple way to make hundreds of billions in sales. Scare dumb ass and controlled Western Governments, with non-threats, and they throw billions at you to offer a pre-planned solution.
But worse, they intend to eliminate farms and farmers’ livelihoods in the name of the other cult religion, known as Climate Change theory, another communist agenda for their own world Government. (which is really a world Corporation known as BlackRock and co with the facade of Western Governments they own, and control already via the WHO pandemic treaty, and paid off shills, like many in Australian politics and the West in general)

We live in an oligarchy in the West, where the corporation rules.
If the Australian farmers don’t rise up to this deadly threat (those not already culled from the deadly mRNA vaccines or not too sick from them already) then Australian beef farmers may not survive the threat of the woke virus spreading Globally by the Globalists.

Deluding yourself in the bossom of the fake mainstream Globalists controlled propaganda, & conspiracy theory channels such as CNN, BBC, ABC, Ch 7,9,10, and so on, won’t save your farm, or being vaccinated by eating a steak served fully injected upon your plate.
They want everyone vaccinated, one way or the other.

They wrongly think the world is overpopulated and that’s why vaccines are loaded with infectivities for humans and will be the same for cattle.

To do nothing will see the Globalists achieve their plans, with the help of our gutless sell out ignorant politicians.

Expose them now and make it a massive voter and consumer issue, and get 100,000 farmers on tractors blocking Parliament House. (Not that there are any laws passed there anymore-the Globalists write our laws and send them to Western puppet regimes like the little bitch state of Washington, that’s Australia, to sign off on)

Here’s what others had to say:

Bonni Moschetti
I wish we could raise the awareness in the USA…but our media no longer serves the people…they serve the government and Big Pharma..

Goran Joksic
Can someone tell me who runs our democratic country

Very scary, like gates said if we can’t get it in the arm we will put it in the food.

Here comes the community note propagandists!

Flying Pictures
Relax, they tested it on the human population. It’s only killing 2,000 a month every month in Australia and 10,000 every month in the UK. Oh yeah then there’s the injuries. Safe and effective deny and ignore.

Stevie Door
Adding some context here … they are not forced at the moment but they will be…
LNP or Labor as we have seen by the mandates, are vassals of the WEF and Gates.

Aussie Bot
Forcing snake oil into people is exactly what Nazi do. Straight to jail!


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