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ASIC Ordered the Manipulation of Australian Democracy

ASIC Ordered the Manipulation of Australian Democracy

By In the Interests of the People

For the past 9 months, Senator Bragg has been pursuing ASIC over the question whether it attempted to manipulate the Australian Senate on the morning of 27 October 2022 regarding the establishment of the current ASIC inquiry.

ASIC has confirmed that it did speak to Australian Senators and/or their staff prior to the vote in the Senate, but that communication was purely for information gathering purposes.

However, in the past week, John Adams has been able to obtain a smoking gun internal ASIC email via the Freedom of Information process from the morning in question.

The email shows that ASIC Chairman Jospeh Longo giving the order to his government relations team that he would like Senator Bragg’s motion to be altered. The response was that manipulating the Australian Senate was indeed possible.

This email proves the existence of a conspiracy ordered by the ASIC Chairman to manipulate the Australian Senate in complete contradiction of the constitutional doctrine of the separation of powers.

The revelation of this smoking gun email chain guarantees that this matter will now be referred to the Senate Privileges Committee for an independent investigation.

Here’s what others had to say:

This is your biggest bombshell yet. Thanks Martin and John. Doing the job of the media and parliament now.

Sounds like criminal interference someone needs to be held accountable. Great work guys much respect.

This is a scary situation 98%of population would be unaware of what is happening to our so called democracy what a disgrace

There have been a lot of negative comments these days. I want you guys to know that your discussions have helped steer my life in a much better direction. I think I started listening about 2017. Although a collapse has not come, we have been living through a slow demolition of freedom and prosperity. For those who can think about what underlies your conversations instead of just shocking potential events the shows are valuable.

Australian people have the right to ask: who is controlling the Australian parliament?

If these tyrants are actually found guilty of crimes against Australia’s constitution, what could the legal penalty be for them. Thankyou for fighting for the interests of the Australian people.

I was a victim of ASIC. Their nastiness, aggressive approach and threats was quite alarming. Quite frankly, utter thugs and revenue grabbers.

We haven’t had democracy in Australia since 1978.

Why isn’t this getting more views and airtime!
Share this to everyone you know!
Great work guys.

Extremely interesting … not surprised re WEF influencing outcomes as it goes with their territory. Glad we have you guys floating the flag for Oz as we definitely need the staunch leadership – Thank you John and Martin for all your efforts !!

We have over a thousand WEF members in Australia, and not just in Government positions.
As per, Australians vs the Agenda.

This is getting exciting! Bring it on. Public servants need to be held accountable and if found guilty, need to spend some time reflecting on their misdemeanours in a cell.

This is incredible, exposing what powers are working against the people, they do not even belong to.
You are brave.

Thanks to you both for your service to inform us, the people, and for your courage to speak out against corrupt power. Hoping to soon see the proverbial heads roll!

Extraordinary work you guys; I do applaud you. Australia has no clue what you are doing for this country! The low viewer numbers are saddening. May the force be with you. All the very best.

People in Australia should be sharing this video to everyone in their contact list.

And one thing that seems to be lost in all of this is the fact the Government works for people. We are not interested in being pushed around manhandled and shoved here and there, just to appease Albanese with the help of ASIC trying to change our minds and our country’s make up.

Thank you John and Martin for the great job you are doing in the interest of the people of Australia, which by the way the government should be doing. This investigation will go down in history, you are respected by many. God bless and keep you safe always.

The conspiracy theorists have been talking about this for a very long time but to hear it in the mainstream and to hear your breakdown of how it’s actually happening “on the ground” has been extremely interesting and heartening. I only say heartening in that hearing truth is heartening. Will the Australian people on the whole take this seriously or are they too busy to notice?


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