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Another Betrayal Saudi Arabia Dumps US, Backs Up China In The US China Rivalry!

Another Betrayal Saudi Arabia Dumps US, Backs Up China In The US China Rivalry!

By Innovation Diary

Another Betrayal Saudi Arabia Dumps US, Backs Up China In The US China Rivalry!

Here’s what others had to say:

Countries around the world must be united and rise up against the US bullying and aggression.

The world is finally seeing the US government and their media for what they are. Thank you, Russian, China and all Brics members and soon to be members.

Just listen to that. America was “shocked” when the Middle East said “We are not America’s backyard” the level of ignorance and arrogance that America has seems unlimited.

At last, Saudi Arabia has made a wise decision and can only develop and prosper from now on.

The US is a competitor of the Middle East countries in oil trade as the US exports oil to other countries. The Middle East countries do not have much industry investments from the US compared with China. Hence the Middle East countries do not have much common interest with the US and hence they can have their independent foreign policy.

WEST and Allies is not Trusted anymore. Its hard to deal with double standards and hypocracy.

The arrogance that WEF could ever have believed it could roll up the world in one little ball and play their games; this is coming to light, they totally missed the point of the human spirit.

In order for u. s. to survive, she has to learn to be humble and fix her own backyard. Take good care of your homeless and your hungry poors. Take care of domestic laws and orders. Stop being the world policeman. Avoid making more enemies.

Congrats to Saudi Arabia/Middle East for the bold decision. I think moving towards China is the best decision every sovereign nation must do to avoid the excessive control, arrogance and ignorance of the western world especially, U.S, U.K and France. They are just bullies. The World is dynamic, so why should any sovereign nation continuously tolerate such unwarranted attitudes from another sovereign nation when there is a better choice where one can enjoys mutual understanding, respect for each other, economic benefits for all parties etc.
God bless China for bringing hopes for the hopeless.

Just hope more countries about time to wake-up. Don’t keep falling sleep and deep in-love with their evils master fooled around as his toy. Those leaders should know by now to choose which one coopetation and work together for their own country better future. Congratulation Saudi Arabia become a new member of BRICS

Everything changes in this World and everyone should be happy that this is happening in Arabia . The USA bosses most countries but their might came to an end when they messed with Russia . Hope China’and the middle East plans prosper and we get some peace . With a few nice words China managed to bring countries together . When are the rest of Nato going to wake up to America’s dirty tricks and think of their populations first.

The joint military exercise between China and the middle east is significant as it means that the middle east trusts China for their security. It is also a sign given to the usa that the middle east does no longer rely on the usa for military protection. It is also a sign that usa’s hegemony in the middle east has gone.

US ,UK,France, I don’t think they’re for the global population, all for them self !! China and India, I love to see how they’re caring for human population! Cheers for 🇨🇳 and India


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