Truth Talks are apart of the TruthGroup which also owns the fast growing censor social media platform,

AI and Fintech Company Could See its PATHWAY TO UNICORN STATUS Accelerated with AI Search and AI TruthChatGTP

AI and Fintech Company Could See its PATHWAY TO UNICORN STATUS Accelerated with AI Search and AI TruthChatGTP

It owns an array of Independent Media platforms and free speech social media platforms, and soon launches its censor-free search engine and its TruthChat GTP app as an alternative to ChatGTP.

It has set a target, in 2022, to become a Unicorn within 5 years.
($1 billion USD valuation)

It has spent the last 15 months testing its free speech platforms with over 50,000 users and almost 250,000 posts.

It now says it’s closer to the launch of its Google alternative search engine, thanks to AI. And it’s currently developing its TruthChat App into TruthChatGTP.

Elon Musk recently announced similar intentions after ChatGTP has been criticised for its left-wing political bias. The TruthGroup believes it can achieve a censor-free platform or platforms, for a fraction of the outlay Musk is offering of $44 billion, thanks to AI technology.
Admittedly it may not achieve multi-billion dollar valuations, at least not straight away, but just a $100 million valuation would make early investors very rich, not to mention a $1 billion valuation within 5 years.
Rumble raised $400 million USD last year and is valued at $3-4 billion today. Trumps’ TruthSocial had a $10 billion valuation, before its launch. said its Digital Currency Allen had a valuation of $80 million USD at the listing, which it is now intending to buy a majority stake in by asset backing it with 400 million shares.

It used to take 100,000 employees to become a billionaire company, then 10,000, then 1000.

Instagram then did it with 13, and it’s believed with AI billion-dollar companies will be achieved with as little as 1-3 people.

To achieve that, based on Facebook’s figures, each user is worth about $158 USD per person.
TruthGroup will sell subscriptions on its social media platforms and independent news networks, which Musk is now doing with Twitter, with Twitter Blue. This is so it isn’t just relying on advertising. Thus, each user could be worth in fact more than subscription-less Facebook, and unlike Facebook, TruthGroup could monetise from its early stages. It already has to pay subscribers, and many users are happy to donate to TruthGroup to help fund its growth of free speech platforms and news networks, as it already has tens of thousands of raving fans. The same couldn’t be said of Facebook. The Pathway to a $1 billion valuation released for investors that we obtained, highlighted that
100,000 users by $158 USD per user is worth thus $15.8 million USD. 1 million users, being $158 million USD valuation.
6 million users, being the Unicorn Status of $1 billion USD approximately ($948 million USD to be precise). TruthGroup soft launched just one of its platforms a year ago, i.e., and has approximately 50,000 users, and 250,000 posts already.
50,000 users, by $158 per user is $7.9 million USD, not to mention its other platforms and assets. As the marketing soon starts, and key influencers are brought on board for payments or equity, then it’s aiming to 10X within 24 months. This would be a $15.8 million USD valuation for just one of its platforms and just one of its assets.
However, TruthGroup is launching every major style platform soon, which can fuel user growth further.
With AI set to help with its own censor-free search engine, soft-launched in (worth $182 per user USD to Google), and its own YouTube alternative in, and if it’s TruthChatGTP can quickly gain millions in users, then its targets could become achievable.

The TruthGroup, is also acquiring, a cryptocurrency listing under its TruthPay brand which it is acquiring at 10% of its June 30 list price making $18 million USD in paper profits (and TruthPay is a new planned Stripe competitor soon to launch) which listed last June, at a market price of $0.20 cents or $80 million USD.

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