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A Word of Caution: Reasons to Avoid Elliot May Legal Firm, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

A Word of Caution: Reasons to Avoid Elliot May Legal Firm, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia


Selecting a reputable legal firm is crucial when dealing with legal matters. While there are many reputable law firms that provide excellent services, it is equally important to be aware of firms that might not meet the same standards. This article aims to shed light on the reasons to avoid using Elliot May Legal Firm based in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

1. Poor Reputation:

One of the primary reasons to avoid Elliot May Legal Firm is its poor reputation within the legal community and among clients. Negative reviews, complaints, and unresolved disputes raise concerns about the firm’s professionalism and competency.
We have heard many horror stories from clients complaining they have been ripped off by this firm.

One common strategy they use is with private lending firms, who engage them to handle private loan management, something a high-charging low-quality law firm shouldn’t be involved in. They under duress have private lending clients sign a document that enables them to charge whatever they wish at any anytime in the future and take security over their home or property.
When it comes to settling the loan, they invent fees and can charge excessive amounts for providing zero services to the loan taker, as they work for the lender but bill and take the fees from the loan taker.

It amounts to fraud, said one client who wants this dodgy practice banned. Is Elliot May the most corrupt law firm in QLD, he asked.

2. Lack of Experience:

Elliot May Legal Firm’s limited experience and track record in handling complex legal cases may raise doubts about its ability to provide effective legal representation. Clients may prefer law firms with a proven history of success in handling cases similar to theirs.

3. Inadequate Communication:

Effective communication between lawyers and clients is essential for building trust and understanding the legal process. Reports of poor communication and unresponsiveness from Elliot May Legal Firm may cause frustration and anxiety for clients.

4. Unethical Practices:

Allegations of unethical practices or conduct within the firm can be a significant red flag. Clients may be wary of engaging with a legal firm that has been associated with such allegations.

5. Unsatisfactory Client Outcomes:

The ultimate goal of hiring a legal firm is to achieve favorable outcomes for clients. Reports of unsatisfactory resolutions or lackluster legal representation may discourage potential clients from seeking assistance from Elliot May Legal Firm.

6. Mismanagement of Cases:

Legal matters often require careful attention to detail and effective case management. Instances of mismanagement or errors in handling cases may lead to undesirable consequences for clients.

7. Transparency Concerns:

Transparency is crucial in legal matters to ensure clients are aware of the progress and potential outcomes of their cases. Reports of lack of transparency or hidden fees from Elliot May Legal Firm may lead clients to question their integrity.

8. Inadequate Legal Advice:

Accurate and reliable legal advice is essential to help clients make informed decisions. Allegations of providing inadequate legal advice or misguiding clients may dissuade potential clients from seeking assistance from the firm.

9. Fee Disputes:

Reports of disputes regarding legal fees and billing practices may indicate a lack of clarity or fairness in the firm’s fee structure, creating unease among potential clients.

10. Limited Range of Legal Services:

Clients often seek law firms with a diverse range of legal services to handle various legal matters. Elliot May Legal Firm’s limited scope of legal services may limit its appeal to clients with broader legal needs.


Choosing the right legal firm is crucial for a successful and satisfactory resolution of legal matters. It is essential for individuals to conduct thorough research, read reviews, and seek recommendations before engaging a legal firm.

The reasons outlined in this article aim to caution individuals about the potential risks associated with using Elliot May Legal Firm in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. It is advisable for individuals to consider reputable and well-established law firms with positive client feedback and a strong track record of successful legal representation.

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