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A Message to Citizens of the World… Time to Wake Up

A Message to Citizens of the World… Time to Wake Up

By Anonymous Official

WATCH – A Message to Citizens of the World… Time to Wake Up The truth is out.

Here’s what others had to say:

“Easier to fool the people than to convince them that they have been fooled”

It was “time to wake up” decades ago and unfortunately it fell on deaf ears.

More people need to actively speal up. Silent majority no more. If we all focused on waking up just one person in a calm calculated way this situation could rapidly change for the better

We need to start the conversations across every dining table… at every breakfast, at each water fountain and coffee machine. Conversation, discussion, discourse… learn again that we have much more in common that we divides us…
We have been systematically divided and divided and divided. We have been distracted and for those who have paid attention, done the work and born witness to the corruption and misinformation, disinformation and map-information were turned into pariahs, conspiracy theorists and so the division has continued.
We must make the conversation normal and push from the ground up to tell politicians that they cannot just continue to act so wildly and do so in our name. They have not asked any of us for our agreement let alone permission to commit and support genocide or agitate for war.

This was intense. After watching I fell to my knees and prayed for God’s mercy and protection. These are indeed Biblical times- everything amplified- there is no longer a middle ground. I choose the side of Christ.

If I had all the material things I ever wanted, I would throw it all away to be loved. Having just gone through a divorce with a woman that I love more than anything, I can say this with 100 percent certainty. I got all the material things I wanted that we shared, but my life will never be complete again. I would trade it all to have her love me again. I was a deputy sheriff, so I guess I had ” power” at least on a very small scale. I didnt care about that, I became an officer to help people, to be the first on the scene and would die if need be to help someone that I didnt even know. I truly mean that with my whole heart. Of course dying never crossed my mind while performing my duties. Felt great helping, but nothing has, or will ever feel as good as being in love and being loved. But, without being loved, being in love is the worst feeling there ever could be, nothing hurts more. Screw material crap, screw power, it means nothing.

Thank you for posting this! Many of us ‘had an idea’ and ‘knew many things were staged’ that were going on. But this is very direct and to the point! I appreciate that because my brain has gone into ‘over-drive’ of putting all the ‘puzzle pieces ‘ together. It’s all falling into place for me. I am a reader and love history and archeology; but I couldn’t put some of the pieces together. Thank you for sharing this information. So much makes ‘sense’ now as to ‘why’ somethings are going on. And YES! I shared this!!

I constantly speak out against the evil on multiple platforms. But because I’m black and confrontational and a rapper I don’t get the support I think I deserve. No one wants to hear the truth when it’s this ugly they rather overlook it.

Guys at work thought i was nuts when we spoke about covid, after i was the only one to loose 6 months of employment. then be contacted by the big boss and offered my job back at the end of the mandates they said i was right all along.
Now we have discussions about what the government plans and “conspiracy theories” together.
It gives me hope that I’ve helped wake them up to a small percentage of what’s going on.

What a statement that really hit home that i had never heard or thought of before “America land of the free and home of the brave…but it’s anything but free and we’re definitely not brave thats for sure” if we were at all brave the place would still have freedom, if it ever did.

I have tried my hardest…those that are wake already is in tune but majority still look at you as if you’re pessimistic unbelievable…thanks you guys for continuing to wake up humanity to this dystopia which is unfolding before our very eyes!

Yesterday, our state radio advised citizens that the possibility of war coming to Europe/Germany, and we need to keep this in mind. There was also an announcement by Defense Minister Boris Pistorius who in part of his speech, stated: “We have to become war-ready”.

Wow, 5,679 views of this video in the first 30 minutes after being released. I enjoy learning what Scott Ritter has to say on many “fronts”, if you will. Thank You for sharing this, and for what it is worth, I enjoyed watching the 2017 “Best Anonymous Video” again a little while ago.

Well done. This is a terrific video. Spot on. People really need to see and understand this. It is coming to an end and those who want to ignore it will suffer the consequences. Prayer for all people.

Absolutely amazing.. extremely well put together.. i would say to people not to refer to others as sheep as at one point we were also sheep..i guess it takes different times and circumstances to “wake up” great video.

Most important video that ALL Americans must watch and pay attention to! Everyone just thinks/thought I was just paranoid or crazy. But those who thought know better now that it’s dam near to late.

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