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A Letter to the Australian National Review Chief Editor

A Letter to the Australian National Review Chief Editor

A Letter to the Australian National Review Chief Editor

Reprinted with permission

Hi Jamie,

I would be very grateful if you could spare a few mins to read my message.

I’m severely covid vaccine injured from the UK, I’ve had 3 pulmonary embolisms, hundreds of emboli, pericarditis, severe thrombolytic vasculitis, and widespread vascular neuropathy. I’m lucky to still be alive, but I have a suspected muscle-wasting disease (awaiting biopsy results) and my heart continues to deteriorate to the point I can barely walk.

There’s a worldwide pandemic of vaccine injured. The Doctors aren’t being honest in that no one understands the complex pathophysiology of vaccine injury and really knows how to treat it. I know a few thousand injured and no one moderately to severely injured has recovered.

Friends in the US have come to the UK and helped me to fly over to get treatment to hopefully get me some remission and save my life. I’ve found a raise to enable this. I was fortunate as I previously had a successful career working in professional sports before I got injured. However, such is the extent of my injuries, I doubt I have raised enough money.

I want to use my story to highlight how the UK and governments around the world are covering the enormity of this. I want to get my story out to the world to embarrass my government and raise awareness for all the people that aren’t getting the treatment that they need. I want to raise awareness and highlight the urgent need for research. Doctors don’t even know why the vaccine injured are getting sicker, they don’t know if it’s because we are all still producing spike protein or if it’s a genetic infection, or both. We’re two years in, and we need the Doctors to admit they really don’t have any idea what the vaccines have really done to us.

I was head of medical in my old life and speak to a lot of doctors, they admit I know as much as them in this area.

People in my country aren’t getting medical treatment as our government runs our healthcare system.

I currently need a nurse to look after me, I’m here to speak to doctors and hopefully get treatment to get some remission that my government won’t give me in the UK.

Please, would you consider speaking to me about my story, which I wish to use to help highlight the plight of the vaccine injured around the world and the urgent help we all need?

I have all my medical records with my injuries, and I’m sure Doctors who I know and who I will be seeing in the US would be more than happy to also talk to you and support my story.

I will continue to fight to my last breath as I’m able. If I can use my story to get the bigger story out to help others, then I will be happy. If you can help in any way, I would be extremely grateful.

God bless


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