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4,000 PATENTS: Evidence that COVID & Vaxx Bioweapons Were Designed to Maim

4,000 PATENTS: Evidence that COVID & Vaxx Bioweapons Were Designed to Maim

You may already know that Bill Gates made a statement during one of his Ted talks in 2015 about a looming pandemic…
That he claims he was concerned that the world wasn’t prepared for.
Gates stated that “If anything kills over 10 million people in the next few decades, it’s most likely to be a highly infectious virus rather than a war. Not missiles, but microbes.”
A lot of his speech “predicted” what we saw take place during the most recent COVlD-19 “pandemic”.
According to Statista, there have been 6.68 million COVlD-related deaths worldwide.
1.1 million of these deaths were recorded in the US alone.

But we already know this is NOT an accurate representation… because these deaths were perpetrated to make the world believe that COVlD is lethal – when it’s not.
In fact, the US has the highest number of deaths due to the mandate of deadly protocols.
Dr. Bryan Ardis was one of the first to publicize this after he heartbreakingly lost his father-in-law after being hospitalized for COVlD…
“My father-in-law walked into a hospital in February with fever and headache. He was murdered over a 9-day period in a hospital here in Dallas, Texas because of the protocols they used to drug him to death, which is what they did.”
A slew of other experts and whistleblowers have reported the same thing.
Regardless, Bill Gates is still pushing the vaccine narrative and stated – NOT predicted – that there will be another pandemic in a report to CNBC
“We’ll have another pandemic. It will be a different pathogen next time,”
It begs the question… with all his predicting, is it all just premeditated?
These statements certainly don’t sound like there’s a question about “if” this will happen, but rather when and how.
And now we’re facing a major humanitarian crisis due to the failures of a forced jab.
The truth is… they’re not going to stop.
They’re going to keep pushing this narrative to get the entire adult population to accept their vaccines.
If the truth isn’t revealed, millions more will lose their lives.
People are not going to get this information from the government-controlled media.
They’re not going to get it from their doctors and hospitals who are being PAID and controlled by Big Pharma.
That’s why we’re giving you access to download this latest book titled, 4,000 PATENTS: Evidence that COVID & Vaxx Bioweapons Were Designed to Maim.

Download your FREE copy of “4,000 PATENTS: Evidence that COVID & Vaxx Bioweapons Were Designed to Maim”:

Patents – Optin – Absolute Healing

A lot about “COVID” and the so-called pandemic remains a mystery. But we’re getting closer and closer to revealing the whole truth. And what we already know for certain is that none of this was a coincidence.

The recently revealed 4,000 coronavirus and spike protein patents prove it. I’ve been part of the humanitarian mission, alongside natural medicine doctors, health experts, researchers, investigative journalists and others to bring truth and justice to the world.

Remember when just after the world was sent into fear-driven panic over the announcement of this “novel” and deadly virus? And reports started surfacing about how this “virus” leaked from the Wuhan lab as a result of gain-of-function research?

Of course, this was denied with a big fat “fact-checked” sign. But as it turns out, the reason the media worked so hard to divert the world from this is because it was closer to the truth than the global government and health authorities were comfortable with.

But the truth will not stay burried as our top experts are getting closer to cracking the entire plandemic wide open.

I share insight into the latest research, including the significance of Dr. David Martin’s recent public announcement of the 4,000 public patents that prove COVID was not novel, and that the original Pfizer patent for the deadly spike protein dates back to as early as 1990.


When you download this life-saving resource, you’ll discover:
• Confirmation that even the US CDC filed a SARS coronavirus patent in 2003 — the same year that Sequoia Pharmaceuticals filed a patent for the treatment of the same virus.
• How 23.1% of participants in a study developed multiple organ failure within 10 days — and yet this drug was approved by Anthony Fauci. Make sure no one puts this in your IV the next time you visit a hospital.
• More evidence about how hospitals were coerced to report non-COVID-related deaths as death from the virus, to keep pushing the COVID agenda.
• A $3 medicine that’s used on 2-pound premature babies in NICU for decades. When health experts discussed it was effective against COVID, the drug was censored immediately.
You’ll also get free access to watch all 9 BRAND NEW episodes of my latest docuseries, Absolute Healing.
Where you’ll hear from natural and integrative medicine doctors and health experts who share the latest disease reversal and vaxx injury protocols.
They’ll also be revealing the latest data and revelations about the ongoing COVID and Vaxx narrative… and how to protect yourself and your loved ones from the Elites.
We don’t know what the future holds, we may not know exactly what’s coming…
But I want you to know that there’s NO reason for you to live in fear because REAL solutions exist!

What took innocent lives during this “pandemic” was not the so-called virus itself, but the hospital protocols and deadly shots.

This means that fear through mass psychosis has been the real killer here.

Make sure you download this powerful book and discover the evidence that proves this was not a real pandemic.

And overcome the sense of fear or panic that the media and global government have tried to install in you.

This is the true key to surviving future “pandemics”. Don’t wait until it’s too late.

With appreciation,
The Real Anthony Fauci Movie Team

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