Truth Talks are apart of the TruthGroup which also owns the fast growing censor social media platform,

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Truth Talks Partner Opportunity

TruthTalks also has launched an online business model whereby individuals can build a global online business, and earn a part time or full time income by being involved with TruthTalks by affiliate marketing TruthTalks online and live events.

This is designed to bring much needed income and revenue to those in the freedom movement, as a well funded army is critical to defeat the Billionaire elite using their wealth to push their Great Reset Agenda, where “ you’ll own nothing and be happy “.

It’s Free to Partner with TruthTalks by becoming an Affiliate

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Here’s how you could potentially earn $203,000 USD online per annum with just 12 clients per year

TruthTalks has been designed to help the freedom movement, lovers of free speech, libertarians, and others who care about ensuring a civil and democratic society. Also for anyone, to be able to earn an income, from anywhere in the world.

Here is an example of the earning potential, from just 12 clients referred per annum, from you sharing your partner/ affiliate link that’s free to join.

If they enrol into the Level 1 program, called Truth Med, and over the course of the year, upgrade to Levels 2 and 3 of the TruthTalk Program.

Each client, or partner/affiliate, that enrols from you promoting your affiliate link,( you can get it instantly by registering for free today). You will qualify to earn a revenue share of up to a massive 75%, on every second sale from the first 6 sales referred from your partner/affiliate link, and then every sale thereafter, except every 6th sale. From the initial 12 sales, you would earn on 8 of those sales( being every 2nd sale from the first 6, being 3 of the first 6 sales, then 5 of the next 6 sales. 5 plus 3 sales, being 8 sales from 12 sales).

If you earn just 50% ( 50-75% you’ll earn of this revenue, subject to what level you are qualified at ) 50% of $7250 is $3625 by 8 sales is $29,000 USD in total. ( $3625 by 8 )

Plus with the leverage of the system, you can earn an extra $174,000 per annum from your clients or affiliates that join, by them doing the same. You would earn on every second sale they generate, plus every 6th sale, with no limit to how many you can refer.

This means, that out of their first 12 sales, you would earn on 4 of those sales,( 3 of the first 6 sales than every 6th sale ) $14,500, ( $3625 by 4) based on just 50% revenue share. Remember if you qualify at Level 3 you earn 60%, not 50%, or at Level 4, you earn 70% and at level 5, 75%.

How do I qualify at a level?
You qualify at any level, by making just one sale ie referral, at that level.
Or you can make a personal purchase at any level, and instantly qualify. This is what most choose to do.
It’s recommended that if you want to increase your success potential, consider investing in the TruthTalks programs, and immerse yourself in a life changing education, plus you can become an example for others to follow.

Remember just 12 clients/affiliates by $14,500, comes to a total of $174,000, plus the $29,000 from your 12 client sales, in the first year, being a Grand Total of $203,000 USD.
Of course, you can refer more than 12 clients. You can refer hundreds.
You simply deduct your marketing costs, and the rest is profit.

Plus many will upgrade to level 4 and 5 programs which means your income can accelerate and compound, which makes a large 6-7 income more achievable.

How hard is it to generate an income by partnering with TruthTalks?
If you already share content across Telegram and Social Media, then simply add your affiliate link to the end of the articles you are sharing.
When you share your articles and grow your following, more and more will click on your affiliate link, which in turn this traffic is linked to you. Over time, a % will enrol into TruthTalks subscriptions, starting from just $495 USD yearly for TruthMed. Or to $15,000 to be a Centurion Member. You will earn on qualifying sales 50-75% of the revenue.

Why is TruthTalks so generous with its revenue share?
It’s because it’s established as a not for profit, and the majority of revenue goes to the freedom movement to help fund the freedom movement’s activism, and to support the Great Awakening, to prevent the billionaire Globalist’s Great Reset Agenda. We believe the freedom movement must become more effective at raising funds, to fight its causes, as it’s up against very wealthy adversaries. TruthTalks can help anyone, including publishers of independent news, citizen Journalists, influencers, digital marketers, protesters, content creators, speakers and independent journalists, monetise their current activities. By simply sharing the truth with a growing audience, desperate to know the truth.

75% on a $495 USD sale is almost $350 USD, or on a $15,000 USD sale alone is $11,250 USD. If you already have a list or following, then ones income can grow much faster. Or you can also advertise with online ads cheaply. Plus at Level 4, you currently receive $1000 in advertising credit or a massive $10,000 in advertising credit at Level 5. This can be used across our Independent Media partners, and censor free social media platforms. These also are an ideal target audience.

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