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BRICSTether Launches on Azbit Exchange as an Alternative to USDT and the USD, Pegged to 7 Chinese Yuan ($1 USD) & Offering 10% PA

BRICSTether Launches on Azbit Exchange as an Alternative to USDT and the USD, Pegged to 7 Chinese Yuan ($1 USD) & Offering 10% PA


Introducing BRICST: A stablecoin to be an alternative to the USD and USDT, and pegged to the Chinese Yuan, offering 10% per annum returns.

What is BRICST?
BRICST is a cryptocurrency that aims to provide a stable and secure platform for transactions and investments in the BRICS region and beyond. BRICST is designed to solve the problems of volatility and instability that have plagued the cryptocurrency market since its inception.

1 BRICST = 7 Chinese Yuan.

BRICSTether Custodian, agrees to buy back any BRICSTether at 100% of its pegged price of 7 Chinese Yuan (approximately $1 USD currently)

It lists shortly on Exchange before launching on further exchanges afterwards, and you can purchase with crypto on Azbit.It’s paired with Bitcoin BTC.

Earn By Staking.
With our innovative staking program, you can earn interest on your coins simply by holding them. That’s right, you can earn up to 5% interest for staking your coins for just 90 days or earn a whopping 10% for 12 months! And this is just the beginning – we’re always looking for ways to reward our loyal holders and provide even more benefits.

At BRICST, we invest in a range of assets to create a stable and profitable portfolio. Our investment strategy includes the following:

Liquid assets.
Gold and Silver commodities.
Crypto assets.
Real Estate.
BRICS Plus nations’ investment opportunities.
With this diversified approach, we aim to deliver strong returns and maximize growth potential.

*The % held in each asset allocation will vary subject to investment management decisions deemed appropriate for the best asset protection and liquidity requirements of the currency*

Buying BRICST is easy and straightforward. Here are the steps:

Step 1: Create a digital wallet that supports BRICST (preferably BRICSTX). You can use any of the popular wallets like MyEtherWallet, MetaMask, Trust Wallet, or BRICSTX. We recommend you use BRICSTX.

Step 2: Purchase Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin (BTC), USDT, or USDC from any exchange that supports your local currency.

Step 3: Send your ETH or BTC to your digital wallet and exchange it for BRICST.

Step 4: Once you have purchased BRICST, you can store it in your digital wallet or use it for transactions and investments.

For the best experience, visit BRICSTX exchange and buy BRICST hassle-free with crypto or fiat currency.

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Such a good feeling about this project

Muhammed Ataş
This project is really good

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Great coin.

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