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What if Ernie’s Nephew Ashley Sampi Is Vax Injured?

What if Ernie’s Nephew Ashley Sampi Is Vax Injured?

By Dave Oneegs Aussie Chat

I’m only speculating here and asking the question,
but what if Ernie’s nephew Ashley Sampi is vax injured?

Ernie aggressively pushed the vaccines on the indigenous of WA.

I wonder how he felt watching the WA premier say that “the science says 2 shots are only 4% effective?”

Or in other words, 96% useless.
Hardly worth spending billions on.

I don’t know if these people feel anything at all tbh.
They seem so wrapped up in the lie that they have become it.

I wonder if Ernie would put fuel in his car that was 96% ineffective?
Probably not.

I wonder how much could have been done with the billions wasted on whacks,

had that money been spent on real solutions for the indigenous?

It would have been enough money to heal a lot of trauma,

instead of just causing more.

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