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Vax Death Count = COVID Death Count According to Latest Rasmussen Reports Poll

Vax Death Count = COVID Death Count According to Latest Rasmussen Reports Poll

By Steve Kirsch

This is the most important poll they’ve ever done. Mainstream media will NEVER commission a poll like this. NEVER. So when they say the poll must be wrong, ask to see THEIR poll.

Executive summary

Why did the CDC never poll Americans as a “reality check” to make sure they got it right?

I’ve known the answer to that for a long time since I did polls of an unbiased audience long ago back on July 4, 2022. But of course nobody paid attention since I’m a “misinformation spreader.”

But now Rasmussen comes out with the most important poll they’ve ever done and the results are devastating.

You can watch it on YouTube and share with your friends.

The only question left is how long will it take YouTube to remove the video and ban Rasmussen forever?

The announcement

The video

Go check it out now before it is banned and make sure to post it to your social media. When YouTube bans it, you can still view the video on Rumble.

Watch the whole thing, but here are the two most important slides:

The full report

You can read the full report here.

Confirmation in the peer reviewed literature

It will confirm the work of Mark Skidmore and Denis Rancourt as well as my work on VAERS and my earlier poll asking the same question. We all predicted that the vaccine has killed about the same number of people as COVID, roughly over 500,000 Americans total over the two years 2021 and 2022. It was a disaster.

Here’s an earlier article on how to estimate the deaths from VAERS and where the 41 under reporting factor is calculated.

If you don’t believe THEIR poll, poll it yourself like I did

I did this in June of last year, almost a year ago. If you don’t believe the Rasmussen numbers, it is easy to do your own poll and see for yourself just like I did. CNN or The New York Times could easily do a Twitter poll like this.

Reader comments like this one are impossible if the vaccines are safe

See this comment on 6 vaccine-related deaths in 6 months in an apartment complex of 135 apartments. How are anecdotes like that possible if the vaccine is perfectly safe? The numbers reported here are not much different than the numbers reported in the poll.

See also Joel Smalley’s comment that COVID deaths were probably increased by the vaccine as well, i.e., those who got the vaccine are more likely to die overall, and they are more likely to die from COVID as well. See my Elephant deck for the studies on this.


We were right. Nobody listened.

The polls show that the one thing in this country that both Democrats and Republicans agree on is that the vaccines are as deadly as COVID. That’s stunning.

So will the mainstream media attack the poll? Or will they ignore it?

And why hasn’t the mainstream media ever commissioned their own poll to show us the truth? And how will the fact checkers explain this away?

The poll validates the Skidmore paper which found that the “vaccine” killed over 200,000 Americans in 2021 alone (Mark estimated a larger number were killed in 2022). So the mainstream media knows what will happen if they do the poll: they will find the truth. This agrees with US government numbers (17,000 excess deaths in VAERS * and a minimum underreporting factor of 41). Here’s an earlier article on how to estimate the deaths and where the 41 comes from.

If there is one article to share with your social media all year, this is the one.

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