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Vanessa Newton (42-year-old) Died After Her First Dose of the AstraZeneca Vaxx

Vanessa Newton (42-year-old) Died After Her First Dose of the AstraZeneca Vaxx

By Marcel Huberts

Vanessa Newton

14th February 2021
Died 2nd March 2021: Multiple Blood Clots
Age – 42

Special needs teacher Vanessa had received her first dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine on Valentine’s Day and was admitted to the hospital on February 25 after she developed severe abdominal cramps.

Mr Jones, Venessa’s father says he now simply wants some transparency from the Government and to know why Vanessa deteriorated so disastrously in the weeks after having the vaccine.
“I think people should be given the true figures on how many people have had issues with these blood clots. I don’t actually think we know the true numbers.“I just want some transparency. Let people make their own minds up.

“I know what Vanessa’s cause of death was but she was fit and healthy and had no underlying symptoms at all so why did this happen?“I know the Government is saying the vaccine is safe and these clots are rare but when you are sat in a crematorium with 29 other people because the one in 100,000 is your daughter it’s not the same.

Mr Jones said Vanessa initially started experiencing severe headaches on February 20, but as she had previously suffered from migraines she put it down to that. However, from the Tuesday evening until the Thursday, when she went to A&E, she had abdominal cramps so severe that Mr Jones said she told him they were like labour pains.

She was admitted to the hospital for a scan to be done on Friday and Mr Jones said that returned showing she had blood clots in several organs.

He spoke to her over the weekend when she felt a little better but on the Tuesday morning, she was booked in for another emergency scan after being in severe pain from around 5.30 am.
Vanessa died between 11 am and noon that day.

Mr Jones said Vanessa had graduated from university in 2014 and loved her job at the Turning Point Academy in Bootle, where she had been working for around 18 months at the time of her death.

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