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VAERS Data Clearly Shows That the COVID Vaccines are An Unmitigated Disaster for Pregnant Women

VAERS Data Clearly Shows That the COVID Vaccines are An Unmitigated Disaster for Pregnant Women


The CDC said the COVID vaccines were perfectly safe for pregnant women. They lied, and they continue to lie to the American people. Here’s the proof, and you can verify it yourself.

Executive summary

The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) is the official US government database for reporting adverse events following vaccination. It is the “gold standard” for detecting safety signals. All Americans who have an adverse event following vaccination are encouraged by the US government to report it to VAERS.

The VAERS data clearly shows that the COVID vaccines are the most dangerous vaccines of all time. There are more adverse events reported for the COVID vaccines than for all other vaccines combined in the 33 year history of VAERS.

In this article, I will examine the number of stillbirths and miscarriage (aka spontaneous abortions) reports compared to all other US vaccines given over the past 33 years.

As far as I know, this has not been done before.

What I found should alarm everyone on the planet: the absolute number of stillbirths and miscarriages reports associated with the COVID vaccines is literally “off the charts”: 4X higher than for all other vaccines combined.

Because VAERS is around 100X under reported, meaning the COVID vaccines have likely caused an estimated 360,000 excess deaths.

You don’t have to believe me. Everyone, even the mainstream media, can verify this for themselves in less than 60 seconds. I’m going to show you how in this article.

The results: the number of AE reports for miscarriage and stillbirths are OFF THE CHARTS for the COVID vaccine

The two searches below are for all vaccines over the 33 year reporting history of VAERS.

Spontaneous abortion / miscarriage query

The first search was for spontaneous abortions reports for all vaccines.

There were 673 spontaneous abortion reports for the COVID vaccine with an onset date of Day 0, meaning the significant adverse events from the vaccine STARTED on Day 0. That number was from a Medalerts query, and covered worldwide reports of the 7/7/23 VAERS data. The same query on CDC Wonder gave 667 for Day 0.

Note that in some cases, the miscarriage may not be on the same day as the onset day. For example, a person could be completely knocked out on the day of the vaccine and be unable to move. The miscarriage may happen days later (sometimes at the next doctor appointment). The onset day is still 0, but additional adverse events (such as the miscarriage itself or knowledge of the miscarriage) may happen later.

For example, here’s the first hit for COVID vaccine, day 0 onset. This was a self reported female who got the Pfizer shot on 12/30/20, had signs of a miscarriage just 4 hours later, and officially miscarried on 12/31/20.

I was 5.5 weeks pregnant when I revived the Pfizer Covid Vaccine. Everything was seemingly going fine with my pregnancy until about 4 hours after receiving the vaccine when I went to the bathroom nd wiped and saw pink discharge on the toilet paper. I then began to have mild low abdominal cramping. The abdominal cramping and vaginal bleeding steadily increased in severity over the next 24 hours until I eventually had an obvious miscarriage the evening of 12/31/2020. I cant help but think the vaccine in some way caused my body to reject the pregnancy. Along with the miscarriage, I also had extreme tiredness with GI upset 12/31/20 – 1/02/2021.

For this reason, it’s important to spot check the underlying adverse event reports if you want to get the most precise date of onset for a PARTICULAR adverse event.

The next highest vaccine was the HPV vaccine with 84 reports with a Day 0 onset. Every other vaccine in history was insignificant.

The key point is this: we are using the exact same criteria for different vaccines and the COVID vaccine is sticking out like a sore thumb.

In addition there was a huge second peak of 519 reports at 15-30 days onset. No other vaccine in history showed anything comparable to this.

VAERS may be more than 100X under-reported for events of this nature, so it’s important to keep that in mind when trying to estimate the number of actual events that occurred. There were 3,594 spontaneous abortions reported after COVID vaccinations, so the number could easily represent 360,000 excess deaths. Some of these deaths could just be coincidence of course.

But the fact that the reported spontaneous abortions are very low for all other vaccines over time suggests the VAERS reports are only being made when the reporter believes there is an association with a vaccine. For example, in 2019 when everyone was getting vaccinated normally, there were just 7 spontaneous abortions reported from all flu vaccines combined, and 5 of the 7 had a Day 0 onset, and NONE had a Day 1 onset.

Indeed, the medical literature says “It is estimated that as many as 26% of all pregnancies end in miscarriage” so if VAERS captured any of these “background events,” the numbers over 33 years would be higher than the graphs below indicate.

In other words, it’s more likely than not that these reports are reporting actual events caused by a vaccine and the fact that different vaccines have different rates also indicates

A search for miscarriages in VAERS (search term is spontaneous abortion). The blue line is the COVID vaccine. The next highest vaccine is the HPV vaccine, which is the second most dangerous vaccine that we still give to people.

For reference, here are the numbers for the COVID vaccines worldwide in CDC Wonder:

Stillbirth query

Here’s the query results for stillbirth. A similar pattern emerges. This time, the next closest vaccine was the TDAP vaccine (in red). Every other vaccine was insignificant.

Starting in 2012 and continuing to the present, the CDC recommended ALL mothers get the Tdap vaccine during each pregnancy between 27 and 36 weeks’ gestation:

So we are basically looking at 11 years of Tdap compared to 2.5 years of the COVID vaccine. All things being equal, we should see 4.4X more Tdap reports than COVID reports.

Instead, it is 8.75X more for the COVID vaccine on day 0 onset reports, but actually lower than Tdap on Day 1.

So there is no way you can argue this is over-reporting. If it is over-reporting, the ratio of COVID/TDAP reports with a day 0 onset should be comparable to the ratio on Day 1. It’s not. There is no other way to explain this other than the vaccine caused the excess.

A search for stillbirths across all vaccines. The second most dangerous vaccine is the TDAP vaccine which in 2017 had a total of just 2 reported stillbirths.

More miscarriages for the COVID vaccine than all other vaccines in history combined!

There are 3,836 reports out of 4,711 total reports for all vaccines combined in the 33 year history of VAERS, regardless of the onset date.

So 81% of all the reports in history are coming from the COVID vaccine!

What this means is the COVID vaccines have FOUR TIMES as many miscarriages as all vaccines in the history of VAERS combined.

Here’s a US-only comparison of Tdap vs. COVID

For an apple-to-apples comparison, the Tdap vaccine is recommended for all pregnant women since 2012, by the CDC and other top medical organizations as noted earlier.

So 11 years of Tdap vs. 2.5 years of COVID, yet the COVID vaccine easily leaves the Tdap in the dust:

And myocarditis reports are off the charts compared to all vaccines over all time!

Here’s the query for myocarditis. The COVID vaccine makes every other vaccine in the 33 year history of VAERS look safe.

Shouldn’t doctors be concerned about this?

Doctors everywhere should find this concerning, but they don’t care. It isn’t their problem.

Some doctors, such as Peter McCullough and James Thorp, are alarmed by the numbers.

Here’s an article where Peter McCullough is interviewed. Only 29,000 views because these types of articles are never carried by mainstream media.

In addition, Dr. Naomi Wolf has been a tireless advocate for how these vaccines are harming women (here’s an episode where she talks with Dr. Thorp).

How to replicate the graphs yourself in less than 60 seconds

  1. Go to
  2. Hit the big green “Search Now” link:
  3. Fill out the Form as follows:
    1. In Section 1 (Presentation Styles), select Show Graph checkbox, then select “Onset Interval” and “Vaccines” in the dropdown menus below. NOTE: If you make a mistake and select “Vaccine Type” instead of “Vaccines” it won’t work.
    2. In Section 2 (you will need to “Open” it), use the search box and type in “spontaneous,” hit the Search button to the left of the search box, and then, after the results appear, simply select “spontaneous abortion.”
  4. Verify your screen looks like the screenshots above.
  5. Hit any of the “Find” buttons (in any the blue area) to initiate the search.
  6. You can then mouse over any of the data points in the graph to see values and vaccine type.
  7. You can repeat this process for other symptoms, like “stillbirth”.

The CDC monitoring system is inept

The CDC monitoring system for VAERS did not flag spontaneous abortion or stillbirth as a POSSIBLE safety signal.

I checked the FOIA document on safety signals which isn’t available on the CDC website; you have to go to The Epoch Times or Children’s Health Defense to see the CDC’s own safety analysis.

See this link for the data links to the CDC safety analysis.

This is embarrassing.

Anyone with a working brain can look at the graphs and conclude that “something MIGHT be wrong” with the COVID vaccines that deserves further study. It’s obvious.

But the CDC signal detection algorithm didn’t trigger at all. Can you believe that?

The fact-checkers will claim this is just over-reporting of background events

The media will try to normalize this with fake “fact checks” like they always do.

They will say, “oh the rules changed so you have to report these events” or that “people are more aware of VAERS now so there are 100X more events reported” or something like that.

None of this is true.

I’ve done professional surveys of healthcare workers. They are reporting more events because…. drum roll please…. there are simply more events to report. That in itself should be a big deal.

Can you believe that? Who’d have ever guessed? Certainly not the “fact checkers” or mainstream media who have NEVER commissioned a third party survey to determine why people are reporting more.

VAERS is mostly health care workers who report these events. You can tell by reading the descriptions. So they can’t say, “oh, this is just an influx of consumer reports.”

Lastly, the SHAPE of the curve for the COVID vaccine doesn’t look like other vaccines. If it was just “overreporting,” the shape would be the same. It isn’t; the peaks are much more pronounced.

There is no way to “spin” this. But the “fact checkers” will just say it is over-reporting by consumers (even though the data doesn’t support it) and never mention the shape isn’t the same.

The public will accept the “fact check” without ever reading my article or checking whether the “fact check” is true.

Where is the “correct” analysis?

Finally, if my analysis is incorrect of the VAERS, where is the “correct” analysis of the data explaining how these results are “normal”?

I’d love to see it!

How is it that nobody has ever produced it?

Surely they must be aware of these numbers. You can’t not be.

So why haven’t they analyzed the data and explained why, citing evidence, that there is nothing to worry about?

Is this my job to do that for them to report these anomalies? I’m just a “misinformation spreader” according to them.

And they never will engage with me in a public dialog to explain to me how I got it wrong! They say that misinformation is a problem, but they refuse to do the single most effective thing to stop it: explain to me how I got it wrong.


There is no way to spin this as other than a disaster for public health and an abject failure of the CDC’s safety monitoring systems.

The COVID vaccines have been a disaster for public health in general, and these charts for miscarriages (aka spontaneous abortions) and stillbirths make it crystal clear that these vaccines should never have been approved and especially should have never been recommended by the CDC for pregnant women.

While there needs to be an investigation into this, it is doubtful that Congress is interested in doing this since they were pushing the vaccine on the American people so they will not want to make themselves look bad.

The CDC won’t investigate this either.

Neither will the mainstream media. They will all ignore this.

But I thought you should know the truth. Verify it for yourself if you don’t believe me.

And please, let your friends know that the US government is covering up this data in their own official database.


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