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Vaccinated Thailand Princess Bajrakitiyabha Dies Suddenly at Age 44

Vaccinated Thailand Princess Bajrakitiyabha Dies Suddenly at Age 44

By Steve Kirsch

Immediate CPR unsuccessful. ECMO unsuccessful. What a tragedy. It was Thailand which PROVED that the COVID vaccines CAUSE heart injury in nearly 30% of young adults.

Vaccinated Thailand Princess Bajrakitiyabha, 44, suffered a heart attack while running on December 14, 2022. Attempts at CPR and even ECMO in the hospital were unsuccessful. This is a sign of major heart injury.

It is rare for someone so young, who clearly has the best medical care, to die like this. Can you recall the last time something like this happened?

The next in line for the throne is also highly likely vaccine injured

Also, the next in line for the throne has autism, which is a well-established vaccine injury (why else would the CDC order CDC employee William Thompson to destroy all the data linking the MMR vaccine with autism?):

“These events have huge repercussions for the Thai monarchy because it was assumed Bajrakitiyabha would be the next monarch, or would be regent for her younger half-brother Dipangkorn who has autism and will not be able to reign alone,” Andrew MacGregor Marshall added.

Will there be a proper autopsy? I seriously doubt it. Here’s why.

Unfortunately, I don’t think there will be an autopsy with the proper tests because it would kill the vaccine program worldwide. There will be tremendous pressure NOT to definitively know what killed her.

Also, the royal family isn’t going to want to look bad for pushing the vaccine.

If there is not a proper autopsy to find the true cause of death, that pretty much tells you everything you need to know.

However, the royal family could easily ensure that the autopsy shows nothing by threatening the people doing the examination, so I’m not sure that even if they did an autopsy it would be above board. So the sudden deaths will continue.

Check out this article showing that if you point out the fact that the King is profiting from the vaccine, they will try to put you in prison for 15 years. That’s why they aren’t going to do an autopsy.

That case is proceeding apparently. Here’s an update:

In addition to being charged under Section 112 of the Criminal Code, which criminalizes any criticism of the king or the monarchy, Thanathorn has also been charged under the Computer Crime Act. The charges carry a combined sentence of up to 20 years imprisonment.

Other sudden deaths of prominent people

Mark Crispin Miller does a superb job of tracking all sudden deaths.

Thailand’s study proved that the Pfizer vaccine causes heart injury in nearly 30% of young adults

Ironically, it was Thailand researchers who proved that the vaccine causes heart injury in nearly 30% of young people who got the Pfizer vaccine. That article points out that the rate of actual myocarditis and pericarditis found in that study was consistent with rates reported at a school near me (Monte Vista Christian School) and also from a flight surgeon who works at a US military base who was appalled by the rates of myocarditis post-vaccine but was ignored by her commanding officer.

For more information

The people of Thailand must call for a proper autopsy that looks for vaccine injury

Hopefully, the people of Thailand will demand an autopsy. That is the SINGLE most important thing they can do.

If you want to find out what killed the Princess, the autopsy will tell you.

As Dr. Ryan Cole says, “The cells do not lie.”

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