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USA Jab Injury – Tiffany, From USA

USA Jab Injury – Tiffany, From USA

By Jab Injuries Global

Tiffany, USA

Tiffany Thomas is a business owner who spent her life caring for people with disabilities since 2011. Her daughter Mariah is sharing her story with us in her own words.

On April 6th 2021, Tiffany received the first dose of Pfizer vaccine with no immediate concerns.

Twelve days later on April 18th 2021, we were watching TV when suddenly she turned to me, visibly shaking, slow in her speech, and nodded when I said I was calling 911.

She couldn’t form full sentences, couldn’t walk, had no motor function, couldn’t hold a glass, didn’t know her last name or what year it was. I remember she then started crying and telling me how much she loved me and started to fade out. I was shaking her vigorously to stay awake when the paramedics arrived. Her BP was 70/30 and then moments after, she became coherent but was very delusional in speaking. The paramedics accused her of being on some sort of drugs due to her delusions.

The Diagnosis.

Within the next fifteen days, there were three hospital admissions and countless tests. My mum was given several diagnosis’ such as: vasovagal syncope, POTS, autonomic dysfunction, Meniere’s Diseases, and Vertigo. Many didn’t know what was wrong with her until they said it was a reaction to the COVID-19 vaccine.

My mum is still not fully released to drive or work. She has extreme fatigue, all over muscle pain, tinnitus, blurred vision, vertigo, brain fog, memory loss, and several other symptoms every single day.

Between the three ambulance rides and now four hospital visits, countless tests, doctor after doctor, and fee after fee, the bills are quite high.

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