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USA Jab Injury – Dr. Michael G. Hyden, From Minnesota, USA

USA Jab Injury – Dr. Michael G. Hyden, From Minnesota, USA

By Jab Injuries Global

Dr. Michael G. Hyden, USA

Written by Melissa Rose.

Dr. Hyden has given me permission to share his story.

Dr. Hyden from Minnesota wants his story told for awareness. He was a full time practicing Dentist until he took the Moderna vaccine on May 30th 2021.

After his second Moderna vaccine, each week he noticed changes happening. He had shaking hands, which as a dentist isn’t good. Dr. Hyden also had slurred speech and trouble walking. He planned on retiring soon however, he was forced to retire early due to all his new neurological issues he was having.

Not long afterwards, he hung up his scrubs and by that time, he was using a cane to help him walk. Within two weeks of his forced retirement, he was using a walker.

Having every test under the sun, doctor’s could not figure out what was going on. He was being treated at the Mayo clinic in Minneapolis and doctor’s there said it was to coincidental to be anything but an adverse reaction to the COVID-19 vaccine.

Today, he has had no diagnosis and continues to decline rapidly. He is now in a hospice facility and said he does not think he will make it to Christmas. He knows it was from the vaccine. It’s like ALS, PLS, and every other autoimmune disease all wrapped into one. It totally breaks my heart.

There’s too much evil out there and somehow we need to get these stories out. Prayers to his family. This is no way to go. He is in constant pain all throughout his body.

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