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UK Jab Injury – Imy, From UK

UK Jab Injury – Imy, From UK

By Jab Injuries Global

Imy, UK

At just twenty-two years old, I gave in to having the jab for an easier life, so that I could travel and be normal, basically! I was always wary of it. How quick It came about. How little we know about it.

One to two days after having my first dose of Moderna, my breathing slowly started to stop. I was diagnosed with a Massive Bilateral Pulmonary Embolism (blood clots all over both lungs) and permenant scarring on both my heart and lungs. I now cannot go down the career path I had planned as a Detention Officer in the Police or continue showjumping horses that I have at home for England. The doctor’s kept me in hospital for a week with numerous scans (chest x-ray, ECG’s, CT scan, and echo heart scan) and let’s not forget the repeated ten failed attempts at getting blood from numerous parts of the body.

They also considered heart surgery at one point because I was so critically ill. Surgery that is only performed to save your life and is extremely life threatening as you have a high chance of bleeding to death during the procedure. They also told my family not to be further than twenty minutes away as they could lose me at any point.

On my day of discharge, I also tested positive for COVID-19 after being negative all week. Great whilst my lungs already aren’t working. I was then in bed for three months straight. Extremely weak, breathless with chronic fatigue…only recently have I started to attempt to return back to a new kind of normal. Baby, baby steps.

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