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Suzanne Gazda, MD: The Vast Majority of Her Patients Got Significantly Worse After the Shots

Suzanne Gazda, MD: The Vast Majority of Her Patients Got Significantly Worse After the Shots


She’s a neurologist with 4,000 patients. Most were vaccinated with the COVID vaccine. The majority of those vaxxed got significantly worse after getting the shot.

Executive summary

You can’t have the vast majority of your 4,000 patients get significantly worse after a “safe and effective” intervention.

That’s not safe.

The COVID vaccine should never have been approved.


Watch this video I took of her today:

In fact, the damage to your brain from the COVID vaccine is quantifiable in a $600 MRI test. It’s called the NeuroQuant test and I just found out about it today. It takes just 8 minutes in an MRI machine and gives more information than an MRI.

You can prove to yourself that the vaccine causes damage easily. You scan someone before they get the vaccine and then again 2 days later.

Of course, nobody wants to do this study. Nobody wants to know the truth. So we don’t know the percentages.

But we know this damage happens because too many people are getting significantly worse after vaccination. We have a mechanism of action. And, most importantly, in autopsies, we can see the damage inside the brain that has the vaccine’s fingerprints in the brain.

No vaccine should damage anyone’s brain. Period. Since when is this “safe”??

After listening to her keynote talk on Alzheimer’s at the FLCCC conference today, here are the questions I think each of us should ask ourselves:

  • Why would you take a vaccine which makes you more likely to get COVID, cancer, and Alzheimer’s disease (among others)?
  • Why would you take a vaccine which, when it works as designed, makes you more likely to be hospitalized and die (increase all-cause hospitalization and death)?
  • Why would you take a vaccine where you can objectively measure the permanent damage to the brain that happens within 2 days of the shot?
  • Why would you consider taking a vaccine which you know causes brain injury where the doctors can’t even tell you an accurate number for the chance of significant injury because they’ve never measured it?

Of course, the damage doesn’t happen to everyone who gets the shots. This is because the quality control of the vaccine is so poor that many people get “duds.” So if you don’t get a “dud” shot, what are the chances you’ll have a clinically significant brain injury? Nobody knows, but I’d estimate it is happening in at least 5% of people who have been vaccinated.

Are you feeling lucky?


It took me almost two years to find a neurologist who was not afraid of retribution and who was willing to speak out publicly.

There is now absolutely no doubt that the COVID vaccine causes irreversible brain damage that is objectively measurable with a $600 specialized MRI test. It’s not in all patients. But it shouldn’t be happening in any patients.

What is very troubling is there is no study of people taking a NeuroQuant test before and after taking the vaccine. Is this damage happening in 5% of patients? 40%? 90%? And how significant is the damage?

The world needs to know the harms their governments have done to them. I’m going to make a prediction: people will not be happy when they find out.

And they also won’t be happy that their governments weren’t even interested enough in their health to fund the research to find out.

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