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Parent Survey Results: Vaccines Increase the Risk of Autism, Autoimmune Disorders, Etc.

Parent Survey Results: Vaccines Increase the Risk of Autism, Autoimmune Disorders, Etc.


Here’s a first look at the results of my parent survey of 10,000 kids. It shows that the vaccines are pretty much a disaster. Birth defects were the control group.

Executive survey

Preliminary analysis of the results of my 10,000 child survey show that Andrew Wakefield was right: vaccines cause autism. There is simply no other way to explain these results.

Nobody could find a Bradford Hill criteria that is NOT satisfied. Some people said that there are autistic kids who weren’t vaccinated, but I never claimed it was the only cause of autism, but it is, by far, the major cause of autism.

Parents were right about vaccines causing autism.

The scientists who looked at all the data available and failed to find an association are either incompetent or corrupt or both.

When you look at all the evidence (I will post a list of around 25 items later), it is simply impossible to conclude vaccines don’t cause autism.

You’d have to be blind or corrupt not to see it.

The data

  1. Original survey: the questions I asked.
  2. Survey result data. This is the record level data for everyone to see. This is what public health departments should be doing themselves and making publicly available but nobody is for some reason. Why aren’t they collecting data like I asked for in my survey and making it publicly available
  3. First analysis of the data by statistician Matt Briggs: Did The Covid Vax, Or Any Vax, Cause ADHD or Autism? Steve Kirsch’s Survey Data Analyzed
  4. My initial odds ratio analysis. This looks at the odds ratio compared to the fully unvaccinated kids (no K shot, no vaccine) based on the number of vaccines given. Look at the About tab for explanation of the data. It should be self-explanatory.

Brigg’s analysis is the graph below. Adverse events are dose dependent: the more doses, the more adverse events.


Key chart from Matt Briggs’ third party analysis of my data. It shows that the more vaccines you give your child, the more likely they are to develop serious chronic disease.

But he lacked the background in autism to determine whether this correlation was actually causal. So he said that there was a correlation, but didn’t know enough to opine on causality.

Once you add that missing info (which he didn’t have at the time he wrote his analysis and I will explain in my next article), the data we have meets all the causality criteria.

There is not a single Bradford Hill criteria that isn’t satisfied.

Vaccines cause autism. Period.

Are there other causes of autism?

Sure, but vaccines are the major cause.

How do you know it is the vaccines and not office visits?

In this 1998 paper in Pediatrics, you can see that in this study, only the measles vaccine caused autism cases, not the mumps or rubella vaccines.

So it is vaccine-type dependent.

How do you explain that? The paper has been out for 25 years and never been retracted. Uh oh!

They can’t explain it. It’s been in public view for 25 years and NOBODY can explain it.


We’ve known for over 25 years that vaccines can trigger autism. Scientists have been denying it to protect their funding and their reputations.

Their reputations are now tarnished. This survey, combined with other evidence I’ve assembled, makes it crystal clear to anyone with a working brain that we’ve been gaslighted and lied to.

Parents were right. Andrew Wakefield was right. And my next article will reveal just how corrupt the “autism link deniers” are.

More in my next article which presents evidence supporting the claim that vaccines are the MAJOR cause of autism.

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