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Pandemic of the Vaccinated

A Pandemic of the Vaccinated

Well, at least they are being honest with the stats.
71% of the dead had 3 or more whacks!

Of the 9 who had no doses, did they die with “covid” or was it just old age?

Most of this is happening in aged care, so that’s plausible.
What a house of horrors this all is.
From NSW Gov – 17 December 2022

• Of the 75 people who were reported to have died of COVID-19, 53 (71%) were known to have received three or more doses of a COVID-19 vaccine,

While 6 had received two doses,
0 had received one dose and 9 had received no doses of a COVID-19 vaccine.

The vaccination status of the remaining 7 was unable to be determined.

• Twenty-seven were aged care residents.
Ten of these people died in a hospital and 17 died at an aged care facility.

• Seven of the deaths occurred at home.
Of these, seven were diagnosed with COVID-19 prior to death.

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