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Over 1M Americans are Likely Severely Vaccine Injured by the COVID Vaccines

Over 1M Americans are Likely Severely Vaccine Injured by the COVID Vaccines


Imagine going from being perfectly healthy to suddenly having 30 or more chronic symptoms in common with the vaccine injured. We need to stop these shots ASAP.

Executive summary

On May 27, 2022, I did a survey of the vaccine injured, but I never formally published the results.

At the time of the survey, I had around 100,000 followers on Substack so my reach was limited.

You can see the survey results here.

I received over 1,000 responses. The comments are devastating. Take the time to read them.

It’s important to notice that over 100 of those were severely injured with 30 or more symptoms that are common to the COVID vaccination.

Can you imagine going from perfectly normal to having over 30 unusual symptoms in a span of days?

I wrote a story about one of the people most injured, Marsha Gee. She was perfectly healthy before the shots. After the shots, she exhibited 78 of the 100 or so symptoms common to COVID vaccine victims. That’s not just bad luck or a coincidence.

Nothing much has changed in the year since I wrote that story.

Doctors are still claiming that injuries are rare and few doctors are speaking out.

Because the doctors stay silent, every doctor assumes that it is just them who is having the “bad luck.” They don’t want to say anything because they don’t want to alarm people. So nobody has figured out that nearly everyone is unlucky.

The numbers are staggering

Over 270M Americans got the shot.

The v-safe data showed 8% of people who got the shot had to seek medical attention; that translates to about 22M Americans who were injured.

It also appears that a huge number of Americans were disabled by the vaccines: over 1M women and 750K men to date and the number is still going up.

In addition, I’ve estimated earlier that around 640,000 Americans have been killed by the shot (the shot kills roughly 1 person per 1,000 doses as noted at the end of this paper; this has been confirmed by many other analyses using different approaches).

Could it be something other than the vaccine?

That would cause this much unprecedented disability, it has to be something novel that we’ve never seen before. This limits the possibilities, doesn’t it?

It has to be novel. It has to be able to seriously injure people in a way that gets worse over time (either by grinding away at people from the inside or being repeatedly applied). What are the candidates other than the vaccine?

A comment from one of my Substack readers sums up the situation nicely:

If the vaccines are safe and effective, what could cause something like this?


Overall, the COVID shots have been a complete and utter disaster.

The shots made people more likely to become infected, injured, disabled, and dead.

The COVID vaccines appear to be the worst medical interventions of all time killing an estimated 13M people worldwide (see page 24 of Rancourt’s paper).

It appears that the cure may have killed around twice as many people as the disease.

I found the same thing when I commissioned an independent poll of Americans: twice as many people were killed by the vaccine as from COVID.

But what’s even worse is that, by and large, the medical community has not acknowledged the huge number of vaccine injuries and deaths and still believes that the COVID vaccines were a huge success and have saved millions of lives worldwide.

The gap in perception is huge. It’s a shame we cannot have a conversation about it, isn’t it?

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