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New Zealand Jab Injury – Elyse, From New Zealand

New Zealand Jab Injury – Elyse, From New Zealand

By Jab Injuries Global

Elyse, New Zealand

I had my first vaccination on October 16th 2021. I noticed heart palpitations on day three but ignored them.

Seven days later, after on of my night shifts, I went home and began having heart palpitations every five minutes, shivering, involuntary shaking, sweating bullets, nausea, disorientation, and chest discomfort with slight shortness of breath.

That night I made a phone call to healthline and they suggested I go straight to A&E to get checked out.

Once I arrived at hospital, after waiting half an hour to be seen, my symptoms subsided. I spoke with one of the nurses who disregarded all of my concerns in relation to the vaccine. She even went as far as suggesting I might have gastro because one of my symptoms was nausea.

I spent eight hours at hospital after ECG blood tests, urine tests, that came back normal. The doctor said what I was experiencing was anxiety and that I Had suffered and anxiety attack.

There are multiple people in my inner circle who’ve experienced the same symptoms as I have. One of my coworkers who’s in his late 20’s experienced a heart attack following his.

I’m still currently experiencing chest discomfort to this day.

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