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New Zealand Government Data Shows that the COVID Vaccines Make You MORE Likely to Die from COVID (Not Less)

New Zealand Government Data Shows that the COVID Vaccines Make You MORE Likely to Die from COVID (Not Less)

By Steve Kirsch

Wow. Finally, crystal clear government data shows the more you vax, the more likely you are to die from COVID. This is the OPPOSITE of what the US health authorities and the medical community told us.

**** WARNING ****

The data in this article comes from the results of a New Zealand FOIA request combined with published numbers on the official website (see the entire thread here).

The FOIA request does NOT ask for COVID-related deaths and the results provided were not age-stratified.

Therefore, I am currently unable to replicate these results, even though the results are consistent with other data I have from other sources.

Clearly, the all-cause mortalities are up in New Zealand in 2022 vs. 2021 by 4,500 deaths. Yet there is a high vaccination rate (82% of the entire population of 5.123M people) which they claimed is why they only had 2,331 COVID deaths. So why so many all-cause deaths? Clearly there is something that is killing these people.

Stay tuned while I investigate how the age-stratified per capita numbers were derived. The sources were listed here in the lower left.

I’m writing this at 4am PST on 2/21/23. I have reached out to the author of the post and I’m waiting for a response.

In the meantime, from this data and other data, the vaccine is, at best, a “do nothing” as far as death rate goes and the UK numbers show it decreases all-cause mortality for all age groups, so the conclusion that it is a bad intervention remains true no matter what.

Executive summary

The government data from New Zealand shows that for each age group, the more you vax, the more likely you are to die from COVID.

The data shows that world governments are responsible for millions of excess deaths.

Now you know the truth.

I wasn’t lying. The New Zealand government stats aren’t lying.

The CDC and the health authorities and medical community were all lying to you about the safety of the vaccine. The vaccines are doing exactly the opposite of what they said.

The key chart is on the RIGHT. For each age group, the more you vax, the higher your risk of dying from COVID. The truth is exactly the OPPOSITE of what they told people.

That’s what happens when you give advice based upon belief instead of reality. Had they embraced full data transparency since the start of the pandemic, we could have avoided all of this. Instead, they hid the records that we needed and urged everyone, including pregnant women and kids, to get vaccinated.

Here’s a key graph in a larger size below. This is exactly the type of graph every country should be producing. But they aren’t for some reason. I wonder why?

This is the key chart. It shows that the risks are increased for every age group. The more you vax, the greater your risk of dying from COVID. It’s the opposite of what they were telling people. The “Boosted” columns are “supposed” to be the shortest in height.

Let’s dive into the data sources cited in the figure above

Here are the three links cited in the figure:
  1. Demographics
  2. Vaccine data
  3. Infoshare stats

On the Infoshare stats page, the graphic didn’t specify the stats. The interesting stats appear to be:

  • Population > Deaths – VSD > Deaths by age and sex (Annual-Dec)
  • Population > Death Rates – DMM > Age-specific death rates by sex, December years (total population) (Annual-Dec)

Key New Zealand data

Click each image for the data source.

FOIA request response: Total ACM deaths per month by vax status



Vaccine uptake by age

This is the distribution for the 4.3M people who are vaccinated in New Zealand.

Note that the 75-79 cohort is nearly 100% vaccinated and 90+ are 95% vaccinated.

Vaccination numbers

Note that 4.25M people are vaccinated by Feb 21, right before people started dying from COVID on Feb 22, 2022. The line below peaks at 4.3M. So in effect, everyone was vaccinated (who intended to be vaccinated) before the COVID deaths started.

Vaccine stage rollout

Note that the COVID cases started in New Zealand right after the boosters rolled out.

COVID Cases and deaths by day

COVID-19 deaths started Feb 22, 2022 but most people were vaccinated before COVID came. Note how smooth the death rate is… COVID didn’t come in waves! A total of 2,331-48= 2,283 people died from COVID in 2022 in New Zealand.

COVID deaths: vax status

This is for “assumed COVID deaths” over all-time (and note it is more than the number in the chart above), but it breaks it down by age and vaccine status (but not by month):

From this chart it appears that the vaccines might be slightly protective against dying from COVID.

All-cause death rates by age group

All-cause death rate per 1,000 people in recent years (from Group: Death Rates – DMM > Table: Age-specific death rates by sex, December years (total population) (Annual-Dec):

Absolute numbers of deaths each year.

Unlike the previous section, these are absolute numbers, not death rates.

This is 12 months ending in March of that year:

Annual ending in June:

Annual ending in Sept


The “unvaccinated” category includes partially vaccinated, not eligible for vaccination, and fully vaccinated up to 14 days after vaccination. Had it been truly “unvaccinated” it’s pretty clear that the numbers for the unvaccinated would be even better. But there is no “cheating” once you are boosted. And you can clearly see the difference there. The numbers were supposed to go down, not up.

It’s much worse than these charts indicate

These charts basically dump cold water on the claims that the vaccines and boosters keep you from dying from COVID. They do the opposite.

What they don’t show you (because they only look at the risk of dying from COVID) is the rise in all-cause mortality and the number of people disabled and/or permanently injured from the shots. And they don’t show you the pregnancies that never happened, the 20X increase in perinatal deaths, or the dramatic drop in birth rates. So the chart shows an incomplete picture.

It turns out that the mortality and morbidity effects dwarf the negative impact on COVID deaths. But we don’t even have to go there to reject the vaccine.

The key point is that their claimed “key benefit” is not a benefit at all, but an increased risk. This makes it unconscionable for any doctor to support the vaccine.

Latest data from the UK shows that the vaccines increase your risk of death

Check out Joel Smalley’s all-cause mortality graphs here: England Deaths by Vaccination Status. Skip to the latter half of the article and note that the black line is above the blue line for all age cohorts:
The black line is above the cyan line for all the age cohorts (this is just one example). That means the vaccine is causing people to die at a higher rate than normal.

Clare Craig found the same thing that the vaccine started off as having no effect, but then graduated to killing off the population at a higher rate as time progressed.

Excess deaths are happening all over Europe for some reason

In Germany, excess deaths are up by over 30% above baseline.


Whoops! The misinformation spreaders were right about the COVID vaccine!

The more you vax, the more likely you are to be infected with COVID and the more likely you are to die from COVID.

But it doesn’t stop there: these vaccines also increase all-cause mortality and morbidity.

The COVID vaccines are a disaster and should be immediately halted for all age groups.

Which is what I’ve been saying since May 25, 2021 when I published my first “anti-vax” article on TrialSiteNews.

But now you have crystal clear proof from the Cleveland Clinic (COVID infections increased) and the government of New Zealand (COVID deaths increased) that I was telling the truth.

How bad is the effect? Over 600,000 Americans have been killed by the COVID vaccines in America to date. I’ll be talking about 10 different ways to get to that number in an upcoming post.

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