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New Study: 17.1% of Kids Suffered Cardiac Symptoms After Pfizer’s Covid Vaccine

New Study: 17.1% of Kids Suffered Cardiac Symptoms After Pfizer’s Covid Vaccine

BREAKING: New Study: 17.1% Of Kids Suffered Cardiac Symptoms After Pfizer’s Covid Vaccine:

17.1% suffered at least 1 cardiac symptom

34% suffered chest pain that warranted medical examination

3.4% syncope (sudden fainting)


New Study: 17.1% Of Kids Suffered Cardiac Symptoms After A 2nd Dose Of Pfizer’s Covid Vaccine | Excess Deaths Spiked Over 20% For 2 Weeks In England And Wales — Scientists Baffled | ETC

Important data was released over the past days the media suppressed. To explain, a new study was released that showed 17.1% of young kids who received a COVID vaccine from Pfizer, suffered at least 1 ongoing cardiac symptom. Also, recent reports revealed excess mortality in England and Wales spiked to unprecedented levels — but no one knew why.

Start here. A new study of 4,928 Taiwanese high school kids found nearly 1/5th suffered at least 1+ cardiac symptom, and heart rhythm changes (abnormal EKG) after a 2nd dose of Pfizer. This is yet another study that found COVID vaccines harmful for young kids, particularly males between aged 14-30.

Next, new public health data from The Office of National Statistics UK found spiked excess deaths in England and Wales from the past 2 weeks. Data revealed a second week of record high excess deaths that no one was able to explain.

There is much more included in this publication…

Finally, all data are summarized for you below. However, please read the sources. Finally, please make sure you share this information that is being censored by the media by clicking the button immediately below. This way, the truth gets out!

New Study: 17.1% Of Kids Suffered Cardiac Symptoms After Pfizer’s Covid Vaccine

A new study by Chiu et al of 4K school kids aged 12-18 found 17.1% had 1 or more cardiac symptoms + meaningful ECG changes after dose 2 of Pfizer’s COVID vaccine:

  1. Chest pain (8.9%),syncope/dizziness (3.4%)
  2. 51 experienced significant ST-T changes and arrhythmias

Excess Deaths Spiked Over 20% For 2 Weeks In England And Wales — Scientists Baffled

During the past 2 weeks in England and Wales, excess deaths were at an all time high. Regrettably, the five-year average from both weeks was above a 20%.

Here is the breakdown:

As of Dec. 23 2022 there were 14,530 deaths and 2,493 excess deaths registered in England and Wales. This was 20.7% above the five-year average.

Fast forward to the following week of data. By the week ending Dec. 30 2022, England and Wales registered 9,517 deaths, and 1,592 excess deaths which was a shocking 20.1% above the five-year average.

Data from week ending Dec 23rd, 2022

Data from week ending Dec 30th, 2022

Netherlands Stopped Recommending Covid Vaccines For Kids Aged 5-11

Netherlands announced kids aged 5-11 no longer needed to be vaccinated against COVID-19. They also said it is now “the parents choice” to vaccinate or not vaccinate their child. Netherlands said this change was in light of high levels of population immunity to SARS-CoV-2.

Meanwhile, the in the United States, COVID vaccines continued to be recommended for nearly everyone aged 6 months and up. However, that will change soon.

New Bombshell Australian Public Health Data Finds All COVID Related Hospitalizations And ICU Admissions Were Vaccinated — None Unvaccinated— And Only 6.3% Of COVID Deaths Were Unvaccinated

Specifically, the report covered testing, infection rates, hospital admissions, deaths, and genetic sequencing of respiratory viruses. That said, everything looked good, until it didn’t…..

Page four was harrowing. It explained there were a whopping 1,779 COVID-19 associated hospital admissions, 140 ICU-admissions, and 95 deaths over 2 weeks. So, that doesn’t seem too bad you might say — until you look closer.

Not a single hospital or ICU COVID-19 admission was unvaccinated. Moreover, only 6.3% of deaths were unvaccinated. That means, every single hospital/ICU admission was vaccinated, while deaths were only a small fraction of the total.

What’s worse, the data explained how more doses received were correlated with higher instances of death, hospitalization, and ICU admission. This is important.

Why? You see the tide is turning. Recently, this trend has been seen over and over again it implies COVID-19 vaccines are not very effective at what they were supposed to do. That being, at least prevent a meaningful amount of hospitalization and death.

Ironically, before this article, the trend of increased infections associated with mRNA vaccines was a generally accepted consensus. Now, it’s not just infection. It’s hospitalizations.

  1. Total hospitalized: 1,779 (all vaccinated)
  2. Total hospitalized with 4+ doses: 810
  3. Total ICU admissions: 140 (all vaccinated)
  4. Total ICU admission with 4+ doses: 58
  5. Total deaths (only 6.3% unvaccinated): 95
  6. Total deaths with 4+ doses: 53



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