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Natasha From Bondi – Vax Injured

Natasha From Bondi – Vax Injured
Meanwhile, over on jab injuries, Australia …
Countless numbers of Australians have had their quality of life destroyed by the injections…

And still, the despicable mainstream media remain silent.

Bondi, NSW

Thank you, Natasha, for bravely sharing such a vulnerable story to the world. Thank you for your honesty and openness to communicate to the people out there who are struggling in silence that might have a story similar to yours.

Natasha has gone through a health roller coaster and has managed to come out on top and share what has helped her through her injury.

There is hope with stories like this.

If you would like to reach out to Natasha you can directly or drop her some love and support in the comments below.

Thank you

Here’s what others had to say:

Doctors are nothing more than indoctrinated pharmaceutical drug pushers. All the ‘medicine’ the body needs can be found in nature, food, movement and mindfulness practices.

Stoked to read the ending. I get so frustrated with the docs just feeding people pills. That’s all they do. Making more an more money for pharmaceutical companies. Clean filtered water good Food an nature is all we need.

Absolutely loved reading the end of your story. You are a warrior 🙌🙌 sending you love and I hope you continue to heal and spread your story to anyone who will listen 😍

I can really relate to people asking “why only you” . Sooooo frustrating. I gave up explaining there are thousands injured. People think if it’s not on the news its not the truth.

So much harm inflicted on top of harm. I’m so sorry for your experiences but I’m glad you’re ok and that you’re sharing your story.
Because for every story told, there are many more that never will be. I found out yesterday that one of my clients who was V injured had just passed away from a brain odema. The injury she experienced impacted her brain and sent her to the psych ward twice. We had just started working together and were about to have our second session. But tragically she didn’t make it.
My anger and sadness and equal in strength at this point.
So glad for everyone who finds a way through.

Natasha, as a mother of 3, I have to say what a great job you’re doing, cleaning your act up with NA AND on top of that, seeking work and really focussing on getting yourself sorted – well written, thank you for sharing your dreadful experience. It sounds like you’ve certainly learnt a lot and have your beautiful head, well and truly screwed on. Best wishes to you for future good health.

Wow, terrible yet uplifting to read of your road to recovery Seems the medical profession serves only the pharmaceutical companies, as with other stories the doctors and nurses seem to be clueless why this is happening (or more likely pretend and ignore). The human body has a way of healing itself if given the chance, and I’m happy you took the route of fasting and detoxing. All the best



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